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    Hi friends, I created profile yestrday at 6:30 pm JUne 10, 2020. I have 450 points. Today is the draw , CRS cut off- 437. I didnt get any email yet; Any chance to get ITA? Is it because i created profile yesterday? It will be great if some one can reply .. Thanks a lot in advance
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    Can Spouse work for SOWP implied status in canada?

    I am in PGOWP. My spouse OWP expired on March 30, 2019. he applied for visitor and it is approved. He applied for SOWP ( May 3rd, 2019) after I receive a skilled job and 3 pay stubs and the SOWP is in processing. My question is can he work in implied status in this situation? Please help me.
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    what should i do to get extend for my child visa as i am in PGOWP

    I am in post graduate work permit. My spouse open work pemrit expired and my lawyer applied for visitor visa for my child and husband as during expiration time i didnt receieve my work permit and pay slips. They got approval for visitor visa now. My husband applied for sowp (not by lawywer as...
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    Can I apply for SOWP while waiting for my spousal restoration document ? PLS HELP

    Hi, I have Work permit valid for next 3 years. My spouse had his sowp till March 30, since i didnt recieve my wp before that i applied for restoration for my husband and child. It is in progress. I received my WP in hand . Can I apply for SOWP now? I have A category job ,and two pay stubs in...
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    Can i apply for visistor my parents if my inland spouse and child sponsorship is in progress?

    Hi, I am done with my studies on December. Got a A category job in IT firm. My convocation is on June. I have applied for my spousal open work permit. He is here in canada itself ( He came spousal open work permit which is expired with my study permit). So my question is can i apply for my...