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  1. Chiuzi

    Address confirmation for PR Card > Help please!

    Hi guys, I've arrived in Canada as a PR for 4 weeks now. I'm not sure the immigration officer wrote my address correctly (I think he missed my Unit in the complete address). Now, I've tried to change the address using the CIC website, but every time I'm hitting the same wall with a message...
  2. Chiuzi

    Landing in Toronto - immigration issues?

    Hello everyone! I'm landing in Toronto in June 10th and I'd like to know how much time I must reserve to address all immigration official issues (documents, interview, etc). Can you guys please share your experience with me? I have another question: I'm staying in an AirBnb house for a month...
  3. Chiuzi

    Sending the passports - São Paulo Brazil

    Guys, Anyone could help me with some tips about taking the passports to VAC São Paulo - I've received my PPR yesterday! Please!!!
  4. Chiuzi

    OINP Suspended!

    From the Ontario Province: As a result of changes Ontario has made to more closely align the streams of the program with the needs of its labour market, the province has already received the sufficient number of OINP applications to meet its 2016 federal allocation. This is further proof that...
  5. Chiuzi

    How do you cope with the waiting anxiety?

    Reading several threads in different forums I've realized that the anxiety is enormous. How do you cope with yours? I've been doing a lot of exercises and trying to end most of my personal projects...
  6. Chiuzi

    Immigration Consultants - what was your experience?

    To those of you who hired an immigration consultant: Who was? (name, company) How much did it cost? How you evaluate the benefits vs costs? Mine was: Immi-Canada CAD 3.500 Excellent (so far)
  7. Chiuzi

    How much money have you spent so far?

    In CAD please! Me = almost $8.000
  8. Chiuzi


    Hello, People from Brazil applying for PR (both inland and outland) - How long is it taking for CIC to request your passport after receiving AOR?
  9. Chiuzi

    What was your Score (and your secret to a good score)?

    Hi guys, I've seen so many different strategies for IELTS preparation. Now, I'd like to know: 1. What was your IELTS Score? (and if you had a very good score) 2. what was your secret? Let's share! ;)
  10. Chiuzi

    Syrian Refugees and Processing Time

    How do you guys see the Syrian Refugees situation? The way I see it, CIC will not increase the amount of personnel to process all the applications... so, that means processing time might take a little longer than usual for now. Especially with massive media coverage and Trudeau's intention to...