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  1. Johninsask


    Hey everyone! I have two questions... Did MyCiC just vanish? I just tried to find it, and I was rerouted. & Does anyone know when PR applications (i.e. spousal sponsorship) are going to be linked to MyCIC?
  2. Johninsask

    Second time sponsoring... question for the experts

    Hey guys, My sponsor (inland, commonlaw) previously sponsored her soon-to-be ex-husband. Her responsibility for him has ended, and at the time of our inland sponsorship application last year was free to sponsor me. My part of the app should be fine (American, no criminal history etc), but I'm...
  3. Johninsask

    Health Care + OWP in Saskatchewan

    Has anyone here received an OWP under the new pilot program here in Saskatchewan? Did you have any issues obtaining a health card? I know it's a long shot since most folks here seem to be in Ontario, Quebec etc....
  4. Johninsask

    On a lighter note, my immigration journey blog

    Hey folks, I'm writing an ongoing blog about my experience immigrating under the Inland Spousal Sponsorship class. I encourage your to share your stories and anecdotes at the blog. Ideally I want to tell the story about what it is, and what it means, to immigrate under the current...
  5. Johninsask

    Urgent: PR Application submitted today! OWP question

    Hey folks, I finally got my PR application submitted (inland spousal sponsorship). I submitted my PR and OWP in separate letter-sized envelopes inside the same large mailing envelope. But I put all my supporting docs in the PR application envelope. So did I need to include duplicate...
  6. Johninsask

    FBI Police certificate for inland app

    Hey guys, Do I really need to obtain and submit an FBI police certificate at the time I make my inland application for PR to CIC? Or is this something that comes after stage 1 approval? Background: I'm going to be applying for PR (via the spousal sponsorship class) very soon. Since my...
  7. Johninsask

    Restoration of Status - Visitor Ext question

    Hey Everybody! In Nov 2014 I applied for a visitor extension, and was refused on 1/9/15 for not providing evidence of being in possession of a valid passport--sadly, I unknowingly/accidentally uploaded the wrong passport file to the CIC website when I used their online application. This was...