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  1. YVR123

    Super Visa 2021

    I am not sure how to proceed with supervisa when you are unemployed. Good luck anyway. You have to be honest with IRCC. So if you are unemployed, and they request the information, you need to tell them that.
  2. YVR123

    Super Visa 2021

    Are you still employed and just on vacation?
  3. YVR123

    Super Visa 2021

    I am confused. You cannot sponsor without income. I believe you need to proof LICO and on going income to support applicant on supervisa
  4. YVR123

    My sisters kids have been asked to pay fees

    Why does she want to study at a private collage that doesn't offer PGWP? Agree with others that may be an issue. Name of institution Designated...
  5. YVR123

    TR TO PR

    These are the latest update related to TR to PR. I don't know if they will do it again in 2022.
  6. YVR123

    Sponsoring Parents Question

    1. parent sponsorship (known here as PGP) are by invite only. Normally, IRCC will post/publish when the PGP program for the year is open for interest to sponsor. (no information about 2022 PGP yet) Then the son/daughter will submit an interest to sponsor form. Later that year, a lottery will be...
  7. YVR123

    home loan with bad credit

    I think they expect money from you, not to you. LOL
  8. YVR123

    How to build a Credit Score in Canada while staying in USA?

    That's very intersting! Would like to hear if that works for underwood
  9. YVR123

    January 2022 Spousal Sponsorship Outland - Online

    This is the wrong discussion. This discussion is for PR or Canadian citizen to sponsor their spouse from outland to become PR. There is NO work permit available in this route. You seems to be asking to apply for SOWP when you are on work permit. So that's totally different.
  10. YVR123

    Spousal work permit (Refusad Visitor Visa)

    Family class sponsorship is for PR or Canadian citizen to sponsor their family members to become PR. Post in foreign worker section.
  11. YVR123

    Tax return required?

    If you didn't work or filed income in Canada, then you won't have NOA to submit. In that case, you need other proof of supporting yourself and your PA (or other dependents included in the application). Show current job, savings, and other financial support that you will get (living for free...
  12. YVR123

    Tax return required?

    With the partial sentence, my guess is this is your undertaking for her. So if she applies for social assistance from the government less than 3 years from the day that she landed as a PR, you have to pay the government back. This means you are responsible to support her living. BUT that doesn't...
  13. YVR123

    Spousal sponsorship outbound with H&C ground

    I think they will start to look at the principle applicant then. good luck.
  14. YVR123

    Spousal Sponsorship / Restoration Status

    From my understanding, you cannot apply for OWP inland when you are out of status.
  15. YVR123

    Spousal Sponsorship / Restoration Status

    You should apply to restore your status asap. You do not need to be in a valid status to be sponsored inland. But without a valid status, you cannot get the OWP until your status is restored or after AIP of your inland application. We haven't heard much about inland OWP. So that may not have a...
  16. YVR123

    PR renewal application queries

    If you have a valid SIN (the number), you can legally work in Canada. I've never been asked for any proof of citizenship or PR status from my employer in Canada.
  17. YVR123

    Worried about application

    Agree with the others. We also didn't have both sides parents at our wedding. But we did a seperate dinner after we can travel to his side of the family. (pre-COVID time). So don't worry about the wedding. Just write and explain the situation. It's pretty common during the pandemic.
  18. YVR123

    New PR, living outside of Canada

    I think our answers earlier was based on you having an expired PR card and not meeting RO. If you have valid PR card, if you come back soon (so RO is not far from being complied), your chance of being reported when you cross the border is low. As previous reply, you can work with valid SIN...
  19. YVR123

    How to get canada visa without consultants

    Sorry. I don't know how to fix it. Hopefully someone here will figure it out. Some times, it's just about using a different browser or clearing the buffer or wait a day or 2 for IRCC to fix issue on their side.
  20. YVR123

    How to get canada visa without consultants

    The link you posted is login for this forum.... Did you go to the link that scylla posted?