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    Do we need Medical Exam for Visitor Extention?

    The medical was requested - but my mother has complete health insurance under a large U.S. carrier, is there any way to use this to bypass the medical requirements? Thanks!!
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    Visitor Visa Extension - unsure of steps after being approved

    Hi guys, My mother applied for a visitor visa extension and today received a message on the online portal that she was approved. However, no documents were provided (or mentioned to have been mailed) to indicate a record of her approval or how long her visa was extended for. Is that info...
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    Nexus Card - unusual situation

    Hi all, I am currently a Canadian Citizen living in Canada with valid US permanent residency. I would like to apply for the Nexus card as I travel often to the US. Going through the application it allows me only to indicate PR status or Citizenship status, so I wouldn't be able to declare both...