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    >>>>>>>FEBRUARY 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    My AOR is 6th February
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    TEF points question

    To get additional points for French as second language, you need to have at least clb7 in all the 4 competences
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    Oui, on peut postuler apres avoir passer le TEF/ielts et evaluer les diplomes. Mais avec l'âge de 42ans, il faut aussi considerer le PNP
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    49 ans maid le programme favorise les jeunes
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    You can learn French. If you are determined and consistent, you can write TEF this year and get ITA. Not easy but possible
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    Personal history question

    Thanks. How do I go about mentioning it now?
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    Personal history question

    I submitted my application last week and got aor. I work full time but my husband and I have a registered side business. I googled my name and saw the business listed on a business directory with our names as proprietors. Do I need to mention this?
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    ***>>> February 2020 AOR <<<***

    ITA December 19 AOR Feb 06
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    Lawyer and Quebec Notaries 4112

    I'm a lawyer from Nigeria also. Lawyers don't get PNP because law is not an occupation in demand for provinces. What I did was to max out ielts score (L8.5, R9, S8, W7.5). I also learnt french last year and wrote TEF. That gave me a lot of leverage. Now I have ITA. That's the only way to get ITA...
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    Ray of Hope - 137th Draw

    Bon courage!!! Try to develop yourself in all 4 competences. You should get a speaking buddy now. Explore language exchange apps to find a partner or get someone in your neighborhood who speaks french. You need at least one hour daily french conversation. Also attend french club meetings in your...
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    Ray of Hope - 137th Draw

    check out IEF Yaba. That was where I attended for B1, B2 and TEF preparation. If that's far from you, then go to Alliance Francaise. In addition to the classes, be ready to do a lot on your own too.
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    Ray of Hope - 137th Draw

    Yes. It is not impossible. I learnt in 6months and prepared for TEF in the 7th month. I have ITA and about to submit application. With top quality/premium dedication, you can learn french and pass.
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    Ray of Hope - 136th Draw

    Good. When you are about writing the exam, I suggest you join the Facebook group "comment se preparer pour TEF". I found it helpful.
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    Ray of Hope - 136th Draw

    welldone. I understand how much work you must have put in. I did the same too but in my case it was French as I had already maxed out English. It's hard but rewarding.
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    MPNP Skilled Worker Overseas Timelines (Online Applications)

    Thank you so much for the detailed response
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    MPNP Skilled Worker Overseas Timelines (Online Applications)

    I got ITA and submitting my PR application soon. Hopefully, I would be in Canada this year. I plan to land in Manitoba. As a Manitoba resident, how can I help my elder sister immigrate through PNP? Will she need a job offer in addition to having me there as a manitoba resident? What steps does...
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    any lawyer (NOC 4112) got ITA in 2017

    I'm a lawyer. Getting pnp is almost impossible. I had a score of 425. So I learnt french for 6months intensively, passed TEF. My crs became 470 and I got ITA in the last draw
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    TEF :(

    results take a shorter time now. In my own case, I wrote the exam on 26th Oct and got results on 14th Nov.