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  1. nafstyle

    PCC is addressed to Embassy of Canada, Riyadh

    Address the PCC to IRCC, Canada. Mine was accepted and i’m now a PR
  2. nafstyle

    NOC 1112-Financial and investment analysts

    Put the date of qualification, not the job start date
  3. nafstyle

    Employment referee unavailable for verification

    To the attention of the experts and seniors.. My AOR was on Feb 19, and I have given my current employment to claim points and given a letter from my Head of department in the company letter head together with his business card. All was fine until yesterday.. Today he informed me that he is...
  4. nafstyle

    Ray of Hope 109th draw

    Well, 438 has become an unlucky number with CIC. I missed out by 1 point on direct ITA in Dec19 draw. I managed to recover from the heartbreak by convincing me that at least i have some hope with OINP in 2019. The OINP draw on Jan 14 gave me another punch on the face shattering all the very...
  5. nafstyle

    Ray of Hope 109th draw

    I got ITA in last draw with CRS 465 with spouse not accompanying. I neither have accepted or declined my ITA. I am thinking to wait a week to check the OINP when they start issuing PNPs for 2019.My CRS with spouse accompanying is 438. any expert advise on when OINP will start issuing PNPs and...
  6. nafstyle

    Remark Success rate

    The proceedure is simple.. Just visit BC with your TRF and tell them you want to apply for EOR. They will ask you to fill a form and pay 600 SAR. That's it.. the results will be out in 8-12 weeks time. You will get a refund and a new TRF If the scores have changed. I applied for remarking with...
  7. nafstyle

    Remark Success rate

    I applied for EOR with IDP-Jeddah. My results were L8.5,R9,W6.5,S6.5. I applied for both W & S since i need 7 in writing and 7.5 in speaking. After exactly 14 days i received an email from IDP that the remarking is completed and TRF ready to be collected. I was curious to know the result and...
  8. nafstyle

    Anyone who did Computer Based IELTS on 30th Nov?

    Anyone who did Computer Based IELTS on 30th Nov? Please share your answers.
  9. nafstyle

    IELTS computer based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    I took the IDP computer based IELTS General exam on 30th Nov. I think it was overall a good experience for me someone who spends all the week infront of a PC at work. If you spend more time in PCs, i think computer based exam is very user friendly specially in writing & Reading. In writing, you...
  10. nafstyle

    Nov 30th IELTS General CB answer key

    Hi folks, I sat for the computer based IELTS on Nov 30 in Jeddah. I am keen to know the answers for reading and listening exams. I am posting some answers which I remember, but not in order. Please share your answers as well. Section 1: Fowler Police Health services Parks Waiter Section 4:
  11. nafstyle

    Ray of Hope - 105th draw

    I am waiting for the draw result of today or Wednesday to book IELTS and give a final try to increase the score to 444. I am currently on 438. If i fail to achieve CLB 10 in all sections of IELTS, i've got no options left other than to apply spouse unaccompanying and experience the pain of being...
  12. nafstyle

    Certified Translator in Saudi Arabia - Jeddah?

    How much did they charge you for the translation without courier.
  13. nafstyle

    Saudi expels all Canada Deplomats - Clarification

    I have this question to be answered by a successful PR member.. Did you attach any affidavit for your translated document in Saudi Arabia? If so, where did you get it done?
  14. nafstyle

    Ray of Hope - 103rd draw

    Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score distribution of candidates in the Express Entry pool as of October 11, 2018 CRS Score Range Number of Candidates 601-1200 - 256 451-600 - 1,049 401-450 - 30,685 441-450 - 955 431-440 - 9,404 421-430 - 6,189 411-420 - 6,858 401-410 - 7,279...
  15. nafstyle

    Ray of Hope - 103rd draw

    Results: Rounds of invitations Ministerial Instructions respecting invitations to apply for permanent residence under the Express Entry system – October 15, 2018 No program specified See full text of Ministerial Instruction Number of invitations issued: 3,900Footnote* Rank required to be...
  16. nafstyle

    Saudi PCC uploaded without Translation

    How did you get a govt affidavit in saudi arabia?
  17. nafstyle

    Confused!!! Wait or apply as unaccompanying spouse

    I achieved CLB 9 in all sections of IELTS on my 3rd attempt and challenged WES to re-evaluate my bachelors as 2 or more certificates because i had one bachelor and a diploma. This is my journey.
  18. nafstyle

    Confused!!! Wait or apply as unaccompanying spouse

    Thanks for your advise... Let me check the Oct 17th draw and make my decision.
  19. nafstyle

    Confused!!! Wait or apply as unaccompanying spouse

    I am in the Express entry pool since 2015 and climbing the CRS ladder from 365 to 406 and finally 438. If i applying as un accompanying spouse, my CRS is 460. Until the last draw i was hoping the CRS would come down to 438 in upcoming draws, but the last draw broke all my hopes and left pulling...
  20. nafstyle

    Saudi iqama and passport

    I didn’t do any evaluation for AAT, because one member in this forum said he received no Canadian equavalency for AAT