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    What is the source of the pre assessment process that you have outlined above? Are you in any way associated with IRCC or any related Canadian authority? Asking because this will only add more grist to the numerous speculations that people already make wrt the visa approval process
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    37 years age, Jan 2022 intake, got refusal! Please review the application

    Lakehead university offers a master's in comp science You should find similar programs in universities like Ryerson, Windsor, Regina, Memorial, UNB etc. Don't restrict yourself to Ontario as institutes...
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    37 years age, Jan 2022 intake, got refusal! Please review the application

    The applicant in this case has already expressed his desire to pursue a career in SW development. To do an about turn and enroll into a business program just because his application has been refused once is a sure shot recipe for disaster. He needs to redo his sop, perhaps even change programs...
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    37 years age, Jan 2022 intake, got refusal! Please review the application

    Suggesting that he does an MBA is perhaps the worst advice we can give him, he would stand a better chance by reapplying with the same program but with a tweaked study plan than a business degree which will have zero correlation with his career and academics so far. An MBA is not a automatic...
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    Aug 2021 SDS applicants please gather

    It's awesome to read about your journey. Are you by any chance going to Vancouver Island University? I must say you are blessed to work for an organisation which is paying for your full ride, tuition plus living expenses, that too for your entire family. 52 lakhs is no small amount. I wish more...
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    Study permit application was refused. Did visa officer commit an error? Request for reconsideration?

    You are a PR in your current country of residence and notwithstanding the conditions of that residence, as you yourself observe that you are reluctant to apply for citizenship since your ancestral country doesn't allow dual citizenship, you cannot fault the VO for harbouring doubts about your...
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    Any program in Canada after MBA from India

    You can, but it will be an uphill task to sell your study proposal of signing up for a pg diploma in HR with an MBA under your belt. You would have already completed modules in HR as part of your MBA, so another hr focused diploma is redundant. You could consider masters programs in...
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    Visa Refused 66 days After BVL

    MBA degrees involve the study of several business domains in the first year like finance, marketing, operations HR with a major or specialization in any of them in the second year. Since you have worked in HR, you will be better off pursuing an MBA to understand business as a whole, instead of...
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    Aug 2021 SDS applicants please gather

    I don't think there is a problem with finances, else that would have been mentioned in the notification. One year tuition and 10k GIC are sufficient conditions for SDS. That is how they are able to commit to a shorter processing period since they don't have to scrutinize the financial...
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    Aug 2021 SDS applicants please gather

    Best to apply for notes to eliminate the possibility about your choice of course and institute being the reason for refusal. It is indeed difficult to change college after having your loan cleared, changing college would also involve more work. Nothing wrong with your SOP, however any personal...
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    Aug 2021 SDS applicants please gather

    Sorry to learn about your refusal. Great that you haven't lost heart. Much of the process is based on chance and with your resolve you should succeed. I am not an IT professional but going through your SOP, what stood out for me is why would you spend two years on a diploma in SW when you are...
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    Applying through SDS with a partner, 10k GIC is enough?

    Change this nincompoop of a person dispensing such asinine advise. AFAIK the limit of a GIC is capped at 20k and here is this person telling you to plonk almost fifty thousand dollars upfront!
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    January 2022 intake, let’s connect

    You booked your flight before this notification (I am yet to see it) so even if it says what you say, at the time of booking you were within guidelines. So you should be ok
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    Do you need to show A return ticket for a study permit?

    Don't think so, doesn't sound logical. But you could land a good deal on the return ticket for booking so far ahead in advance, never mind whether or not you end up using it!
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    Spousal Open work permit or Visitor Visa

    If you are applying from India very little chance of OWP being approved given the time left for her to complete her studies and the processing times for OWP applied for from India. You perhaps have a better chance with a VV application. Do your homework and take a call
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    SOP Needed for Spouse Open Work Permit If Going Together?

    No harm in writing a brief SOP outlining your background and explaining why you want to accompany your spouse. At worst, they won't read it. Include it in the documents that you upload in the Purpose of travel section
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    SOWP 2021 from India.. timelines please

    Did you apply along with your spouse or afterwards? Is your spouse on a closed work permit?
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    Can I apply for SDS study permit if I have paid the first-semester fee? It seems like there is no option to pay the first-year fee.

    Write to the international students office of your college explaining that you would like to pay the first two semesters tuition in order to be eligible to apply under SDS. If its a DLI with a significant percentage of foreign students they would be aware of this and will share an invoice for...
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    CA report to show ties with the home country

    A substantial net worth does not necessarily establish ties to your homeland, financial assets can be disposed off from any corner of the world, you don't have to necessarily return to do that. How established you are in your career and your family life in your home country is what demonstrates...
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    CA report to show ties with the home country

    Chartered accountants generally issue net worth statements for visa applicants to demonstrate their clients financial adequacy. The formats are standard. If your CA is asking you for the format it's time to look for a new CA