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  1. vensak

    HELP! PR application rejected. Can I apply under a different program?

    nope that is not the problem. 1. at the time you were most likely still minor. 2. the only problem would be rejected because they thought information was not correct (lying in previous application). Even then it is just 5 years ban. I suspect that it was more because group did not show enough...
  2. vensak

    HELP! PR application rejected. Can I apply under a different program?

    ok then you can apply for express entry (of course as long as you meet the other requirement).
  3. vensak

    HELP! PR application rejected. Can I apply under a different program?

    what is your status in Kenya? Attention not everybody can use express entry.
  4. vensak

    HELP! PR application rejected. Can I apply under a different program?

    ok where are you currently (in your country of origins or in other country or in Canada) and what is your current status in the country you are now?
  5. vensak

    EE profile ineligible

    do you still meed 67 points requirement?
  6. vensak

    Any audit issue, e.g. legal, taxation, if a PR work for foreign employer but staying in Canada

    ok so immigration part does not care if you work for a foreign employer when you stay in Canada. If you are allowed to do so is the problem of the law of that country where you will get contract (if you are allowed to work there). So as for PR obligation that is not an issue. From CRA point of...
  7. vensak

    How own property, do business, travel on PR card status only ?

    PRTD is an exceptional means how to get back to Canada. If for example you PR card will expire while outside in Canada and you could not manage to get a new one in time. Or when your PR card is stolen, lost or damaged / destroyed. PRTD is not a normal alternative option and is not meant to be...
  8. vensak

    Does 67 point criteria still available for fsw category.

    ok 67 points score will enable you to activate your Express entry profile (it is the bare minimum you need to fullfill plus EE language requirement). But by itself it is usually not enough to get ITA
  9. vensak

    Will I lose my PR status if I didn’t file my taxes/ if I didn’t pay taxes that I owe?

    you will not loose PR just because of tax problems (even if evasion or fraud is included). However you may have problems: 1. Of course with CRA which can lead to further problem with criminal law 2. later on you can get problem with citizenship. However lot of can be fixed as long as you do...
  10. vensak

    How soon after 1095 days did you apply for citizenship

    technically the next day you will get those 1095 days. Those days are counted backwards from the date of your application (the date by signature).
  11. vensak

    Does NOC 4012 qualified for FSW anymore? I just got rejected immediately.

    Attention if you were studying in Canada, then you cannot claim both points for studying and work experience. You can only claim points for studying (if you got diploma of course). So you were most likely rejected because you do not have 1 year work experience. If you have work experience before...
  12. vensak

    Police Clearance Certificate requirement

    It is because you were in UAE for more than 6 months consecutively within past 4 years (if what you have stated above is correct). Also you need 3 years in Canada minimum for citizenship, and I do not see that from your timeline. If you did not have work permit or student permit in Canada...
  13. vensak

    Back in Canada after 11 years

    Technically he can run into problem of who accompanied who. It really depends which officer will take the case. From what he told, he returned to his own country first and then his Canadian wife followed him. So that can be potentially a problem there. Safe suggestion (if he was not reported...
  14. vensak

    Ro during corona pandemic ..3 month short

    First of all what are you asking about exactly? Do you want to return to Canada with being 3 months short of RO? Do you have PR card and you are just worrying about questions or you do not have valid PR anymore (maybe an expired one) but you need a PRTD? Or do you need to renew PR card?
  15. vensak

    RO not fulfilled, PR card expiring next year... any option?

    Ok first of all, his mother got ill in 2019 (so that is less than 1 year of H&C reasons). Pandemic got travelling complicated but not impossible (there was a good and nice window during summer to do the move). What about the whole period between 2016 - 2019, which was just about money making...
  16. vensak

    Working for Canadian company from abroad

    ok 2 things: While you are a PR, you Can work for a Canadian company, more or less regardless where you are physically (of course as long as that is allowed in Country you will be). That however means that you will be a tax resident for CRA purposes. Additionally, that time in the case you have...
  17. vensak

    Best city in Canada for immigration (in terms of jobs)

    I see, somebody did revive post from 2019. However it is still not that old, so French language was already issue back then and same for Alberta (their oil crisis happened before 2019). And where things were slow before, now they are even worse. Equaly, surplus of dentist was here before 2020.
  18. vensak

    Best city in Canada for immigration (in terms of jobs)

    Quebec city - French is a must. Without it, forget about this one. Edmonton - Alberta has still oil problem, so jobs are rather hard to come by. Kingston - rather small and too far away from anywhere reasonable (like Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto area). London - does not have have many big...
  19. vensak

    Hemophilia reason for PR rejection. Is there a way?

    Also when officer will estimate costs they will: 1. use prices from Canada for any medicaments, treatments, procedures, operations... 2. project 10 years into future and estimate if and how can his health deteriorate over that time. If he will need additional extensive procedure, additional...
  20. vensak

    Application for PRTD H&C reason, death of spouse

    Again just my assumptions. I would reasonably doubt that something like temporary guardianship was setup (if such thing is even possible). For one obvious reason. At the moment their father does not know if and when will he be able to return to Canada or if and when children (those that will be...