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  1. Underhill

    Inland spousal sponsorship acknowledgement

    Yes, this is normal. The pandemic has put the entire PR application process many months behind schedule. Might have to wait another 30-60 days to hear anything back from IRCC.
  2. Underhill

    Finalize the permanent residence confirmation process.... Is 7 weeks to approve PR card photo normal?

    I submitted my photo to my portal on June 15th. I received my PR card (with my submitted photo) about 5 weeks later. My portal still shows my photo as "in review with IRCC".
  3. Underhill

    Traveling With eCOPR

  4. Underhill

    Traveling With eCOPR

    I crossed into the US nearly every day for years (pre-pandemic, and a few times since March 2020) using my US passport and not once have they ever asked me what my status was/is - even when I was driving a Canadian-plated vehicle. If you're a US citizen entering the US with a US passport CBP...
  5. Underhill

    Authorization to work with CoPR?

    Once you're a PR (even with an eCoPR) you can start working even without a SIN. Obviously you'll need to provide your SIN to your employer once you receive it.
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    Traveling With eCOPR

    Essentially, the "Not for Travel" note on the eCoPR document indicates it is NOT an identification document (like the actual PR card is). As such, transportation company personnel can't use an eCoPR as an identification or residential document, so you may or may not be able to board a...
  7. Underhill

    Simple Violations - Should I include in my application?

    Yes, you should include it - and also include a brief note explaining it like you have done here. If you don't include it and IRCC finds out about it you could face big problems.
  8. Underhill

    AIP received, but no SA?

    Very likely SA is already done but the notification hasn't gone out. The PR process sure isn't an exact science, and often things aren't updated. I've been a card-carrying PR for months now, and my online account still says my photo is pending approval. AIP is good. You'll be fine, don't worry.
  9. Underhill

    Traveling With eCOPR

    Like the airline regulations, being allowed to board a commercial bus or train with an eCoPR might be in question. But, if you're allowed to board an international bus/train crossing into Canada with an eCoPR should be fine.
  10. Underhill

    Traveling With eCOPR

    Crossing a land border with your eCoPR is fine. During the hard lockdown days of the pandemic you couldn't get on a plane to Canada with an eCoPR, but I have no idea how things stand now.
  11. Underhill

    Decision Made and Duty/Tax-Free Immigration?

    Yup, CoPR means you can bring your personal items in tax/duty free: Depending on when in the future you are approved you should get your e-CoPR before you come to Canada. DM gives you no legal status whatsoever - your CoPR is the...
  12. Underhill

    Sponsor criminality as a minor

    Yes, you should declare this. You can also include a brief note explaining that it was an isolated incident when the sponsor was a youth, and nothing like this has happened since (if this is the case - NEVER lie or exaggerate). If IRCC has any issues with this incident they'll ask for more...
  13. Underhill

    No eCOPR after submitting photo and address

    My photo still shows as in review in spite of having my PR card for a month now. For the eCoPR link to show (near the bottom of the page) your in-country declaration and physical address must be approved. The approval for the photo is not required.
  14. Underhill

    Best approach for family/spousal sponsorship?

    With your PR application you're obligated to include details of any crime with which you've been charge and convicted - even if expunged. So, if no records are available I suggest you mention it in a note, explaining salient details (Date, city/state, conviction type, misdemeanour or felony...
  15. Underhill

    Best approach for family/spousal sponsorship?

    Spousal sponsorship for PR's is not restricted to middle-class and up. Technically, there is no minimum income requirement for you or your sponsor - essentially they agree to be financially responsible for the applicant/PR for a set amount of time (I forget - 3 years?), but what that actually...
  16. Underhill

    Leaving Canada with our PR card recently become PR thru Inland spousal Applicant

    Your eCoPR means you are a Canadian Permanent Resident - even if you don't have your card yet, so crossing into Canada at land borders and even at airports shouldn't be a problem with proper ID (i.e. your US passport). Being able to board a plane to fly to Canada could be a problem, as the...
  17. Underhill

    For Inland applicants ,about Ecopr

    You don't even need a SIN number to apply for (and start) a job - your CoPR is all you need to start working. It can take weeks or months to get your SIN and card, so apply now for a new SIN, and give your new employer your SIN as soon as you receive it (you apply online, and receive a letter in...
  18. Underhill

    Procedural fairness letter under spousal sponsorship : success rate

    PFL's cover a lot more than just flagging incorrect/misrepresenting information. I got a PFL asking for more detailed information on a particular matter from years ago (not involving immigration) and it was resolved quickly when I supplied IRCC with more info. As pointed out by others here...
  19. Underhill

    PR card processing time after inland spousal application approved

    eCoPR received June 17, 2021. (On June 17 the time estimator for receiving a new PR card was 163 days.) PR Card received July 23, 2021. Vancouver office. PR Portal still says my photo is under review, but clearly it was approved as I have my card (with the same photo) in-hand.
  20. Underhill

    ****October 2020 Inland Spousal Sponsorship****

    Yes. Well, it's not abnormal. I passed my medical exam in April 2021, and the medical part of my gckey wasn't updated until after my PR was approved in late June. Your application has most assuredly been updated, but updating of the gckey accounts seem very slow these days.