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  1. Copingwithlife

    Worked in the US as a Canadian and trying to sponsor parents to Canada

    Income could of been in any currency , but this is the rules . How can I show proof of income to sponsor my parents and grandparents? You must provide your Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for each of the three taxation years immediately preceding the date of your...
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    visit visa help

    Your PGP application will be rejected . As for what you do. You apply again when you’re within the income requirements when the lottery is reopened you were already advised regarding the income shortfall...
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    How to know whether I was reported at point of entry?

    In a nutshell you dealt with someone not doing their job
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    medicare card

    None would be the best for diabetes’. The link you posted is for American Health Insurance. In other words it’s for people living in the USA
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    Cra registration error

    Have You filed personal income taxes for two years prior to attempting to register ? You need to have done this to register for online services
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    I am in Canada with an Expired PR card doing my Obligated days but I've been invited to a wedding in the UK (help)
  7. Copingwithlife

    Alpha Heater : Heater For Winter Season Best Canada

    You do realize we have central heating in this country , and if we need one of these things , you can head over to Walmart or Canadian Tire, right ?
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    Trying to get US Visitor Visa from Canada

    I’m positive they’ll be losing sleep over that …. How about you just go ignore everyone then you can end up just replying to yourself Should end up being an spine tingling conversation Problem solved
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    Have Canadian PR , never lived in Canada

    How about you’re just nuts
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    Looking for marriage of convenience (28F, living in USA, pakistani background)

    You’re contradicting yourself. Hate to pop your balloon, parents don’t always make the best decisions/choices. So no, you don’t always have to obey them
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    Reactivate 'dormant' SIN

    The level of self entitlement is beyond, like beyond amazing
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    Does passport Canada call the guarantor and the references?

    Ok Karen or Ken There we have our obligatory comment about supposedly “ woke “ immigration practices. Guess, Justin better get right on that
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    Guess if it floats your boat, you can do it as many times to your hearts content
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    Report: Liberals to make immigration to Canada much easier

    And presto , no wonder some people voted for the PPC
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    Edited or fake covid vaccination document while arriving?

    Jesus H Christ , the hair brained things people think of doing on here is BEYOND amazing . Adding you have a Masters Degree in Software Engineering , so obviously educated , but zero ethics. Zilch What is wrong with you ? Seriously? Once again , what in gods name is wrong with you ? People have...
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    How to enter Canada with PR card(expired)?
  17. Copingwithlife

    Uk ban for 10 years, can I still apply and get Canadian study visa?

    Information is shared for this exact same reason, so individuals aren’t able to circumvent the rules set in place for immigration by countries. Your past actions , applications will be taken in to account when applying for other countries. Lesson; don’t submit fraudulent documents, and man up on...
  18. Copingwithlife

    Drive UBER on closed work permit

    Uber only asks for a GST HST number to drive . That’s for taxes . And it’s considered employment regardless if it’s on closed work permit or self employment It’s not UBER who has to approve it, it’s the IRCC. And you’re not an employee for UBER. It’s considered self employment