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  1. MitCad

    july 2018, Citizen Application.

    Just put the current month and year instead of writing "current".
  2. MitCad

    Oath Ceremony postponed in Mississauga in Nov - new date?

    I have a friend who had his Oath ceremony on Nov 20, 2018. But was out of country, so requested to reschedule. And the next date he got was March 21, 2019. P.S. He did his test on June 19, 2018 and the processing center was Saskatoon.
  3. MitCad

    OCI process

    Question regarding a postal application for the surrender certificate and OCI (Vancouver consulate): According to both checklists, there is no need to submit original Canadian citizenship certificate and original Canadian passport, only photocopies of those. Can someone who applied to Vancouver...
  4. MitCad

    july 2018, Citizen Application.

    It's better if you can manage to come back for the test. I have a friend who had his Oath ceremony on Nov 20, 2018. But was out of country, so requested to reschedule. And the next date he's gotten is March 20, 2019.
  5. MitCad

    Individual online courses and professional development certification?

    I would suggest including that. I mentioned about my self-education as well as self-employment history. And my application process is almost complete. Just need to attend Oath ceremony on March 20.
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    Asking PCC after finishing test and finishing interview, does anyone have gone through ?

    I got it within 2 weeks from BLS Vancouver.. I also had to submit it as I had been out of Canada for more than 180 days...
  7. MitCad

    Canadian Citizenship Form - Question 10

    Yes, you need to submit PCC if you have stayed 6 months or more in any country, including your home country, in the past 4 years.. I stayed more than 6 months in my home country in the past 4 years before submitting my application.. And I have submitted PCC...
  8. MitCad

    july 2018, Citizen Application.

    If you weren't working in 2013 while being in your home country... Just mention Unemployed, write your home address and put N/A in contact details.. That's what I did.. And I have received my AOR...
  9. MitCad

    july 2018, Citizen Application.

    If they return your application as incomplete, you won't lose any processing fee. And as long as your CIT 0002e form is dated 10-2017 or later, you don't need to worry about updated form.. I confirmed it with IRCC..
  10. MitCad

    Correction of info on citizenship app

    I think you will be issued AOR as long as all forms are complete and accurately dated.. So just wait for AOR.. Once AOR is issued, send IRCC web form with correct info.. This way you won't lose any time..
  11. MitCad

    Question 9 - Canadian Citizenship Application (CIT0002E)

    Q.9 End date will be the day before you became PR because it automatically expires when you become PR... For C. Just tick Yes.. And on form cit 0177e, just mention Not Applicable and include it with your application..
  12. MitCad

    Question 12- Canadian Citizenship Application (CIT0002E)

    2018 isn't considered a tax year yet as you will file tax for 2018 in 2019.. So 5 tax years are from 2013 to 2017...
  13. MitCad

    july 2018, Citizen Application.

    1. You can tick Yes. .Then just attach CIT 0177e form indicating Not Applicable on that form.. 2. Use your incorporation name and address as being contractor you are considered a self-employed and in contact details, mention your details... 3. If there is any gap between your passports, in...
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    April 2018 - Citizenship Applicant

    You can check on this link,
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    Question 11 - Canadian Citizenship Application (CIT0002E)

    You don't need to enter exact dates.. Even if you enter exact dates, print-out only gives Year-Month.. So year-month would definitely suffice..
  16. MitCad

    Driver's License Suspension

    It won't affect your application. licence suspension doesn't appear on background check..
  17. MitCad

    Work and Education History - unemployed

    by calling 1-888-242-2100..
  18. MitCad

    Work and Education History - unemployed

    In both columns just mention 'Unemployed' and in contact information columns just put 'N/A'.. That's what I did and I confirmed it with IRCC...
  19. MitCad

    july 2018, Citizen Application.

    They would consider any version as long as it's 10-2017 or later.. just confirmed with IRCC...
  20. MitCad

    july 2018, Citizen Application.

    You don't need to send new application if you are worried about newer version of CIT 0002 form.. Because for some reasons they have reverted it to 10-2017...