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  1. kunalfred

    July 2021 AOR

    Hi All, I am a Canadian PR already, just want some help in regards to my sister's application. She has experience in quality assurance in food industry, her education qualification is B.Sc and M. Sc in Microbiology from India. Is there anyone who can help us decide the NOC code for quality...
  2. kunalfred

    Ontario PNP for NOC 4011

    Hello Preeti, did you track back when was the last PNP draw from any province for your NOC code?? I would like to disuses about this and know more from you
  3. kunalfred

    Question and Answer session on Canadian Immigration/Life in Canada/General Query

    @Que Hi Quelash, Hope you are doing good in this time. Job market little tight, there are many jobs that are laid off but I would suggest you to see the positive side of the wall, there are some essential jobs and companies which are still hiring people. Amazon recently hired in huge number...
  4. kunalfred

    Question and Answer session on Canadian Immigration/Life in Canada/General Query

    Hello All, As we all know that in this pandemic time we all are stuck at one place without having anything to do. I decided to extend my support on general questions that you may have on Immigration process for Canada under Express entry and life after immigrating to the country of your dreams...
  5. kunalfred

    >>>>>>>>AUGUST 2019 AOR<<<<<<<-----Join here

    Hello Please add me to the group Best regards
  6. kunalfred

    >>>>>>>>July 2019 AOR<<<<<<<-----Join here

    Hello , Please add me to the what’s app group, invitation received in July draw. Phone 91-9988117646
  7. kunalfred

    >>>>>>>>July 2019 AOR<<<<<<<-----Join here

    Hello, Please add me to the what’s app group, received invitation in July 2019 draw.
  8. kunalfred

    CRS Score Increased after Invitation to Apply

    I have received an ITA for FSW under Express entry. I have submitted the details for me and my spouse in the Express entry profile correctly and best to my knowledge. When we got the education documents evaluation from WES, the equivalency in Canada for my wife’s bachelor degree from India was a...
  9. kunalfred

    Score increased after ITA

    Hello Jaywalker, I am also stuck in the same situation where my wife's education points changed from 9 to 10 and overall CRS increased by 1 point. Can you please extend your support by updating the current status and what did you write in LOE about this.
  10. kunalfred

    Invitation not received, CRS met

    Hello all, I am in the EE pool from March 9, 2019 and have a crs 459. In today’s draw no 122, held on July 24, 2019 the cut off score was 459 and the tie break was applied for 25 may 2019. I still do not have an invitation to apply notification in my account or in my e mail. I have modified...
  11. kunalfred

    Complete/Full Academic Year

    Hello @amyth.india Thanks for the prompt reply, but here iqas has mention the duration of a regular m tech course which is two years in India. However my part time course actual duration was 3 years and I completed this in 4 years. So when I mention the start of the education as 2014 and it’s...
  12. kunalfred

    Complete/Full Academic Year

    Hello All, I am in process of filling my EE profile and I am stuck at one option while adding my education. While filling the details we get an option of "complete/Full academic years". I have completed my Masters of technology(Part time) which is a three years course in my university, however...
  13. kunalfred

    Canadian Equivalency for Indian MBA

    Thanks Sith for your support, I also need your expertise in selecting the field of study for myself. I have studied electrical Engineering in by Bachelor and and Masters(B. Tech and M. Tech), while i select the field of study, i don't get a relevant option matching the engineering domain. For...
  14. kunalfred

    Canadian Equivalency for Indian MBA

    Hello Sith, Thanks for understanding the concern. I am in a doubt that the one year program at university is giving me more points or not..?? I read a few blogs which say that "two or more certificate options" fits in this situation however i don't see any such option while filling details in...
  15. kunalfred

    Canadian Equivalency for Indian MBA

    Hello all, I have received the ECA for my wife's education credentials from WES, she has completed her B. com from Panjab University which is stated as a bachelor degree from WES however for her MBA which is from Kurukshetra University, WES has given the canadian equivalency of ,"Post...