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    Later batches of EE who didn't fall into the COVID-RFV limbo gets PR earlier than those AOR in early 2020/2019. It is because Ottawa wants to keep a higher ratio of 6 month completion percentage. Those who are in limbo will just stay rotten.
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    The Outlander PPR Thread

    Congratz! Any movement coming from VO Ottawa is itself a divine intervention!
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    Hello, would you know when the Medical that passed on Nov 27 was requested beforehand? Thanks
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    The Outlander PPR Thread

    Hello, are you PNP Outland?
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    Hi, anyone knows if remedical once confirmed to be received, can be approved in 45-60 days? Some say 60-90 days which is dreadful
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    Are you inland or Outland? Medical request is the 2nd one and not the first one right after AOR?
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    Principal Applicant (Inland) Dependent (Outland) during COVID-19

    Hello, May I ask when is your 2nd medical request date? Did you submit an upfront medical report or redo the 2nd medical after the request? thank you!
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    COPR and coronavirus

    If you don’t mind would you please show the day of remedical in Oct 2021? Just curious on how many weeks it took
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    The Outlander PPR Thread

    Hello, it seems your 2nd medical dated 3 May 2021 only has about 6 months to expiry (Jun 2022 the latest) counting from PPR date Nov 27 2021. Could you advise if the PPR has an expiry date sometime around Jun 2022 as well?
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    ***>>> January 2020 AOR <<<***

    Hello, can we sort out: do you mean you had a medical reassessment in Oct 2021 or 2020? That’s very different as the 2020 meds are part of the 300k (FSW&PNP&CEC) backlog that lasts for over one year. That backlog can take years to clear. if the Remed request is Oct 2021 that can mean someone is...
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    Urgent: We did not receive the results of your required medical exam. What Now?

    When did your PR eventually get approved? That is the portal email and PPR etc.
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    The Outlander PPR Thread

    Hi, what do you mean by medical cleared on Oct 15?? Do you mean medical approved?
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    FSW Outland / Upfront Medicals / Documents Required / Other Details

    Just sharing my experience, panel physicians usually refuse to resubmit the IME for you because they want you to redo a new test again.
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    CIC asking for Schedule A Background Declaration form (IMM 5669) & Re Medical

    Did you get your spouse’s Re-medical approved then? Could you share your timeline? Any PPR after that?
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    FSW Outland from VO Ottawa

    Hello, could you share your timelines like AOR, medical request, medical passes, PPR etc? Thanks
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    ***>>> February 2020 AOR <<<***

    Hi Legalfalcon, Any idea how long it takes for a medical reassessment to get approved once the (currently valid) upfront medical results are being sent via webform? Is it going to be much slower than an outright medical check done afresh?
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    ***>>> March 2020 AOR <<<***

    Backlogs like Mar 2020 are a low priority to IRCC. They wanna keep 6 month promise for the new cases, mainly CEC & TRV. For IRCC, FSW can be kept for a few years and picked up again after they have finished the CEC & TRV.
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    FSW Inland PR applicants

    Are you CEC? Otherwise why would they be interested in any job experience other than "Canadian" experience?
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    FSW Inland PR applicants

    Are they trying to cancel the backlogs? By saying “we are STILL processing”?
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    ***>>> March 2020 AOR <<<***

    May I ask what does “ADR” mean? Thanks