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  1. theatlantic

    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    I'm working on collecting my documents now and need some guidance on scanning procedure. Is there any specific file type, size, dpi, resolution etc. which I need to follow. Please share inputs.
  2. theatlantic

    Express Entry in a nutshell

    I understand that doing the ECA for both could be useful to some extent. Nevertheless, I don't really hold a chance for direct invitation and would be applying for SINP next year. As they have an EE stream synchronized with the provincial programs, I am doing it as a requisite. By the way, after...
  3. theatlantic

    Express Entry in a nutshell

    Hi all, My spouse has a master's degree though I didn't do the ECA for that and want to go with my credentials only. In that case, what should I chose her education in spouse section in EE profile? If I mention masters, Will it warrant an ECA on her part which I currently don't have? Please...
  4. theatlantic

    Saskatchewan PNP 2017 Updated Preparation

    Hi, I am looking for the information on the academic assessment in relation to the Occupation in Demand stream for SINP. Could anyone please let me know how long it takes to get the assessment for NOC 2132 (Mechanical Engineering). Waiting to hear from someone in the same boat.
  5. theatlantic

    SINP :- International Skilled Worker - Express Entry Sub-Category, Network Here

    In order to establish the proof of fund is it mandatory to have at least six months of saving accounts in APPLICANT's name? Currently the fund is in my mother's account. It literally means I would have to wait for six more months for this reason only?
  6. theatlantic

    SINP :- International Skilled Worker - Express Entry Sub-Category, Network Here

    Please add me in WhatsApp group 8801744248071. Thanks.
  7. theatlantic

    APEGS for SINP

    Hi, As I am preparing to apply for SINP, I came across a requirement of providing documentation from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS) showing Engineering-in-training membership or indicating academic assessment results. Anyone here have gone...
  8. theatlantic


    Hi guys, as I have started creating my EE profile, I am a bit confused about the work experience record. I am adding three companies I have worked in but my first job was for six months and I'm not sure if I could be able to get the experience letter from that company. In that case, is it worth...
  9. theatlantic

    FBI Police Clearance for dependent on visa without SSN

    Don't think so. But may be, an SSN would help them identify the applicant more faster and could expedite the processing, IMO.
  10. theatlantic


    I waited that 2+ months for my fingerprints to get processed and waited one more month to get it delivered in my friend's place near Cincinnati. But as it wasn't delivered there even after 30 days, I called them up and requested politely to resend my certificate to my dhaka address again. The...
  11. theatlantic


    Thanks for the information. What about the PNP applicants? Do they need to follow the same criteria?
  12. theatlantic


    sometimes they also mess up the US address requests as they did in my case last year. My letter never reached in my friend's address in KY and later I requested again to send another copy to my Bangladesh address which came within 10 days. Best of luck!
  13. theatlantic


    Hello bhai, where should I keep the fund for 5-6 month prior to submission of application. In my (main applicant) account? Or is it allowed to be in my fathers (sponsor) account ? Please clarify.
  14. theatlantic

    check list for applying

    You mean passport number (of spouse) is also mandatory for creating CIC profile?
  15. theatlantic

    check list for applying

    Thanks for your reply. In fact I am about to create a CIC profile but unsure about whether it asks for spouse's passport no. Otherwise I have both the ECA and IELTS in my possession.
  16. theatlantic

    check list for applying

    Hello there, I am a mechanical engineer with experience of approx. 6 years in manufacturing and maintenance management. I have got my ECA done through WES which has acknowledged my masters degree and also taken the IELTS last month. Now, what should I do in order to get in to the pool for...
  17. theatlantic

    Distance/Part time Masters Degree is Valid as per WES ECA?

    Hi there, I completed my B.Sc. Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and Executive MBA from Institute of Business Administration at University of Dhaka. I have just received the ECA update on my WES account and it states the Canadian equivalent of my two...
  18. theatlantic

    about sending documents to wes

    Hi there, I have just received the ECA update on my WES account and it states the Canadian equivalent of my two degrees as follows: - Bachelors Degree (Four Years) - Executive Master of Business Administration So, what should I presume from here. Is it confirmed that my Masters Degree is...
  19. theatlantic


    Hello all, I've just received the score and I'm devastated Listening-7 Reading-6 Writing-7.5 Speaking-7 Total-7 Do I stand any chance of PNP approval in Nova Scotia or Saskatchewan? Please suggest.