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    OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide

    Hi All, Greetings!! I have sent my application in April 2016 and it was confirmed that the application is received by OINP team but still waiting for a response from OINP team to respond. there is no response till date and also last month my score reduced from 403 to 398 due to increase in my...
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    PNP - PR - Jan-Feb-March 2016 Applicants

    Hi All, Online Application: 8-Feb-16. Ontario Nomination: 8-Feb-16. Docs Sent: 26-Apr-16. Docs Received by OINP: 29-AP-15. AOR Received: Not Yet. Nomination Received: Not Yet 600 Points Received: Not Yet. Medicals: Not Yet. Present Status: Waiting for any response. Can anyone please...