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    New Policy for International Students - April 12th, 2021

    Attention MAC-OS user who are either struggling with "PRINT and E-SIGN" with IRCC PDFs or need to append extra pages to those PDFs. Here is the solution. Open the IRCC PDFs in WINDOWS Acrobat Reader and then PRINT to save as PDF. Then bring those newly saved PDFs back to MAC-OS and use regular...
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    New Policy for International Students - April 12th, 2021

    It is not know yet if the scan copy of IELTS needs to be uploaded during application or only TRF needs to be filled in. Given the current situation, it may take approx 2 weeks for the physical copy to arrive in mail.
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    As a PR holder, can I renew my Indian Passport in India?

    Keep all of your old passports. Any valid visas on old passports continues to exist until those visas expire.
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    How to obtain Work Authorization Letter in Canada from outside

    With so many businesses shutting down and pool of local workforce available, nobody is giving LMIA for next 5 years at least.
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    As a PR holder, can I renew my Indian Passport in India?

    With the current COVID travel restrictions you are in fix. Try the tatkal route to see if you can renew it quickly. Otherwise, fly down at next possible date and renew it from here in Canada.
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    maple leaf consumer food LMIA letter

    "With the power (of sending spams) comes the responsibility (of the readers to identify it)" - Peter Parker.
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    Lost work permit

    For crossing borders you just need passport. In case you wish to come back then you need TRV on your passport and not work permit.
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    Need suggestions for my application having IELTS L/R/W/S - 8.5/7/7.5/7.5

    Even if you apply alone, you still have to declare you are married and this won't help improving your CRS. You should ideally apply together and focus on improving your Wife's IELTS bands. It will not be much but still she can add 2-4 more points by improving the bands. Get ECA done for your...
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    Did you spent time reading the details carefully? It is clearly written " ... and must not be self-employed, unless working as a medical doctor ... ". That is clear indication that at the time of the application the candidate must be working. Doesn't matter which job. Grab one at the nearest gas...
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    New Policy for International Students - April 12th, 2021

    There is no need to overcomplicate things. They don't need paystubs for last one year or study permit or such things. They have your UCI and SIN to fetch everything if needed. Only upload relevant document. Providing unnecessary extra documents can also slow down your application.
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    New Policy for International Students - April 12th, 2021

    Yes. With summer approaching, I see lot of hiring posters at Walmart stores. At least apply and get a job there to start with.
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    New pathway to permanent residency international graduate question - IELTS question

    IRCC can ban you for providing wrong information. This is called "Misrepresentation". Don't try out these kind of dumb ideas. You have education points and you are on work permit. You will get it in near future if not now. Have patience and don't stress out. Book a next test date and get good...
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    What are the chances for people who booked ielts in June, July, August for the new streams

    It is not the end of the world. There will be many draws happening in future. You will get it today or tomorrow. Make the best use of the time which is in your hand. Focus on getting good bands so that it boosts your CRS score. If not this draw then by Sept you will clear it with CEC. Don't...
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    Will backlogs affect if I show my projects and skill assessment results

    Backlog is not much of a concern. However, not only university has its own requirement (which is like a baseline) but each department within the university has its own requirement as well. So when you apply, your application has to compete with the other applications to reach beyond the cutoff...
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    New Policy for International Students - April 12th, 2021

    Your study permit cease to exit after you get letter of graduation from the institution. If you have submitted application for PWGP, then you are on implied status, which means you are Worker.
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    Long Distance Relationships

    This suggestion may sound crazy. Ask her to enrol in one of the college here in Canada for any of the caregiver program.
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    My 2 Cents for the Lucky 90K

    The whole gang of international students: Who are still studying in school Who are still on Study Permit Who will not be graduated as of May 06th Who will not be holding PGWP as of May 06th Who will not be having transcript which say they have been awarded degree/diploma/certificate or...
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    My 2 Cents for the Lucky 90K

    With May 06, 2021 approaching... here are my 2 cents for you!!! More than anything else, first make sure you have access to internet on May 06, 2021. If you are on Rogers/Fido then you know what I mean. Grab a phone and call your friends now to find out their ISP. In worst case scenario, keep a...
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    Express Entry Profile - Overall Score: 0

    Hello Everyone, I guess I am on the same boat. I submitted my EE profile yesterday night and whoops!!! got a score of 0 right away and the application status changed to profile ineligible. After reading through all the posts in this thread, I believe there were several mistakes done at my end...