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    Marriage certificate in Indonesia

    Hi, is there any Indonesians here? i am trying to figure out if marriage book is sufficient or marriage certificate is needed as a proof of marriage to provided to canada. thanks
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    Timeline for OINP 27th July 2021 NOC 0911

    Hi everyone, I got NOI from OINP from 27th July draw and i got so much help from this forum. Shoutout to Desertseeweed Maverick28 Nikhil1824 vikramnaik14 Mikefemise Maduka :) As a thank you and for anyone who might have question I decided to create this thread on my journey to positive...
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    OINP Notification of interest received but ee profile close to expiring

    Hi Guys, i just got my NOI yesterday and plan to submit it by 30th July. the thing i am worried about is that my ee profile will expire on october. on OINP website, it says processing time is about 30-90 days, and if it takes 90 days, my ee profile will expire. provided that i get...
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    Express Entry ON Noi

    Hi Guys, i am waiting for my student visa and just got a noi on my express entry profile. will this reflect negatively on my student visa as on student visa, your intention needs to be that you will leave at the end of studies but here i am applying for pr? also anyone got on noi before could...
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    Student Visa refused, any help appritiated.

    Hi guys, I just got refusal letter today for following reasons. • I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay, as stipulated in subsection 216(1) of the IRPR, based on your personal assets and financial status. • Pursuant to paragraph 220(a) of the IRPA, I am not...