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    Removing a dependent from PR file

    Hi, I wanted some advice on a particular situation. I currently have a PR application being processed. I have select spouse accompanying as "no" for the purpose of points. However, she is still listed as a dependent on the file since my status was married when I was submitted the application...
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    How to check for RPRF fee payment

    Hi All, I just wanted to verify if I paid the RPRF Fee for my permanent residency application. I paid a total of $1170 dollars when I check the receipt. However, it doesn't mentioned any details further than that. Is there a way to verify if the RPRF fee was paid?
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    Work permit renewal without Spouse

    Hi All, I have currently submitted my PR application and I am waiting for the Background check to be completed. I have only applied for myself currently with spouse not accompanying for the sole purpose of Points. My spouse is in Canada as well on a dependent work permit. I will need to renew...
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    Hi All, Since the Service Canada Centers are beginning to resume services(limited), has anyone been able to get an appointment for their Biometrics submission? I tried to see if they offered the services but don't see a specific option for Biometrics services. Thanks
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    CEC - Intent to work

    Hi All, I recently submitted my application for PR. During the process, there is a question relating to the intent to work. I answered "yes" to that question due to the assumption that it refers to my current job. However, upon further research and a discussion with a friend, it turns out that...
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    PR Digital Photo

    Hi, I was recently invited to apply for PR. During this process, they are requesting that I submit digital photos of both me and my wife. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, all photo studios are currently closed in my vicinity in Toronto. I have a pair of PR Photos from Oct 2019...
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    Is a new medical exam necessary for PR if I have one already from recent work permit?

    Hi guys, My wife recently immigrated to Canada on a dependant work permit. She gave her medical exam in India in May 2019. As per my understanding, will she be required to give another one since the current one is valid for 1 year? I'm will be ready for my PR profile soon. Thank You