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  1. jaffaral

    How much money should I take with me

    Actually I was mentioning the worst case. I am planning to actually change my field of study. Alberta economy I guess is struggling since 2015 when the oil prices first crashed down and sure I won’t sit idle rather I will try to find any low paying jobs that can help me pay my expenses if not in...
  2. jaffaral

    PR voluntary revocation

    Ok thanks a lot
  3. jaffaral

    PR voluntary revocation

    Thanks dear! I was thinking about that one too. One more thing is the reason to be with the family will be an acceptable reason for a VO to understand my circumstances. I know it depends from VO to VO but just want to have your expert opinion in this regard. Have you ever represented a client...
  4. jaffaral

    PR voluntary revocation

    Hello I know I may sound little weird considering the fact that many of you are either impatiently waiting for your ppr while some you are willing to go to great lengths to obtain this highly prized Canadian PR, nevertheless, I want to know if someone who is already a PR and spending his...
  5. jaffaral

    Will i be safe

    I know all of these ordeals that people experienced. I don’t know how to describe it . We think everything goes by our plan and become too complacent only to find out ourselves in a perplexing situations and perpetually thinking that if we can go back in time and mend all of the mistakes we...
  6. jaffaral

    Will i be safe

    Hello I landed on 4th June 2019 and left the very next day. i am planning to return to Canada on 3 Feb 2022 . will i be safely allowed without being questioned .
  7. jaffaral

    How much money should I take with me

    Hello I became PR in 2019 July and planning to go to Canada in feb 2022. I want to to know how much money should I secure in my Canadian account if I assume that for 1.5-2 years I am not going to find job , I will live in one bedroom apartment, have my own internet , electricity, and phone and...
  8. jaffaral

    Spouse Work Experience

    That’s correct but do mention in the personal history
  9. jaffaral

    Moving to another country after eAPR

    I didn’t have to face such circumstances . If u r in for that then the same suggestion applies for u too that is raise a cse and inform ircc
  10. jaffaral

    What to do if average balance of 6 months is less than the required PoF

    No need just go with that. You should have asked for “No liability letter” but the one u have is fine too as I used that and I m a PR
  11. jaffaral

    Need Help

    Try improving IELTS
  12. jaffaral

    Any divorcée from Pakistan

    R u an express entry candidate or u r going thru spousal sponsorship application?
  13. jaffaral

    Passport expiry 6 months after copr

    U can google the link of your VO and raise webform.
  14. jaffaral

    After 12 work experience can i leave canada or not

    That means 1560 hrs in 1 year for cec non continuous experience will be ok as well
  15. jaffaral

    Happy Canada Day

    Happy Canada day to all my fellow members who are in Canada, who are coming to Canada and who will be coming to this beautiful heaven