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    August AOR - Let's Connect

    Hello, I am creating this thread to have a discussion about our timelines, updates in our application and other things that we might anticipate. Please join who have received AOR in August, 2017. I have already created a whatsapp group. Here is the invite link, you can join...
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    A mistake in OINP Application: Post Nomination

    Hello, I am currently in serious dilemma. I have been nominated by OINP recently. When I was going through my application profile, I saw I did a mistake and selected "Yes" for the question, "Have you been awarded a Canadian Degree?" which is incorrect. Though while I submitted my application I...
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    OINP Duplicate ECA Request IQAS

    I have applied to OINP and OINP requires ECA copy from the ECA authority directly. I completed my ECA from IQAS and I have already applied to IQAS for duplicate one and requested them to send it directly to OINP. However, my application was received at IQAS on 7th July, 2017. I called them twice...
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    OINP Gap in Personal Work History

    Dear Experts, I have recently submitted my OINP application online. What I have made mistake is I didn't put any explanation in Other Activities section for the minimal gaps in my education and personal work history. I completed my bachelor in 31 December 2012 and started working from 7th...
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    Confusion about Additional Sheet in IMM5406 form

    In IMM5406E Additional Family Information form, I have to write all the names in English and in native language as well. In addition I also have to mention present addresses of applicant, spouse, mother and father. My problem is space here is limited which is not enough to fit my address and my...
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    NOC 2171 Job Responsibilities Help Please

    Dear: I need to know whether following job duties match with NOC 2171. 1. Confer with users to understand the business needs and to assist in defining system scopes. 2. Analyzing software application defects reported by business units and conduct detailed root cause analysis for further...
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    Job Duties Match with NOC 2171

    Dear I need to know whether following job duties match with NOC 2171? 1. Discuss with business unit/clients to identify and analyze the business requirements. 2. Review current systems and present ideas for system improvements including cost proposals. 3. Responsible for developing technical...
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    JD Match with NOC 2171

    My two employers prepared the following two JDs respectively. Do both of them match with NOC 2171? Please suggest. JD 1 from Company 1: 1. Confer with users to understand the business needs and to assist in defining system scopes. 2. Analyzing software application defects reported by business...
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    About Job Reference Letter

    I have a situation regarding my previous jobs. As department of HR is reluctant to give me a employee reference letter. Can I prepare my job reference letter on company letter head and signed by one of my previous supervisors who also left the company before I left?
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    Job Reference Letter Required for Past Jobs

    Dear All: So far I have two questions regarding SINP OID program. 1. I have experiences in two different companies. I have arranged Job Reference Letter (describing my job responsibilities that matches with NOC 2171) from my present employer. However, my query is do I need to arrange the same...
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    SINP Step1 Remains Yellow

    Dear: Recently I was trying to fill up the application in SINP OASIS. What I faced is, When I select below options in Step 1: Job Offer, it remains Yellow in color which means partially completed. What else I need to do? Step1: Job Offer: 1. Do you have any Job Offer? Ans: NO 2. Do you have...
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    Current JD Match with NOC 2171

    Dear: Can anyone please tell me whether following two JDs match with NOC 2171 Information System Analysts JD 1: 1. Responsible for software support, defect analysis and fixation, implementation, training to user, support on live projects. 2. Ensure business continuity as per plan, alignment...
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    Can I apply for another PNP program before or alongside with MPNP

    Dear All: I was wondering, for say I applied for MPNP Skilled Worker Overseas and after that, if I apply for another PNP (e.g. SINP or NBPNP), then do MPNP authority deduct 100 points from my total achieved points?
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    Do my Job Description falls under NOC 2171

    Dear: I am new to this forum and Canada Immigration as well. I have in total around 4 years of experiences in IT field, where I have 3 years 10 months of experience in one company as Senior Analyst and another 6 months (still counting) experience in another company as Senior Software Developer...