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    Confusion Regarding Travel History

    Hey everyone. Hope you are all staying safe. I have a question regarding travel history. I came to Canada (country of residence) on a study permit from India (country of origin) 1. When I came to Canada for studies. Do I put that date in my travel history, if yes what should be the end date...
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    Need help with my rejected application

    Hey everyone. I hope you are staying safe! I am in a bit of a dilemma here and would like some suggestions. I applied for EE under CEC in October last year. Unfortunately, my application was denied because roles and responsibilities were not mentioned in the employment letter. I am re-applying...
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    Part time work during university

    Hey everyone. i hope you are doing good. I have a question regarding personal history. When i was a student i worked part time. Do i have to include that in my personal history. I know I can't claim points for it so i won't be including it in my work history but what about personal history...
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    Need Help with PCC

    Hey guys I have a question about PCC. I got my PCC from China and Notary Public gave me a translation also. They didn't include any affidavit. I was wondering if I have to get a translation done from Canada again as the website says that you need to get a translation done from a certified translator