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    2nd EE profile when PR application is already under process

    Can I make a second EE profile when my application linked with first EE profile is already under process and about to reach 6 months mark? I am PNP/CEC and note that PNP applications CEC score is going down and CEC applications are processed much faster but PNPs are on hold at security stage...
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    Settlement funds

    Are settlement funds needed under these pilot programs? Under the requirements there’s no mention of settlement funds but when u go through the admissibility requirements the settlement funds is a requirement. I am confused. Anyone who’s got an answer?
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    Visa Application Cancelled

    My kid got his visitor record extension and I applied online for his visa from inside Canada on June 30, 2020. After 4 months I generated webform to know the status. On November 4, 2020 I received email in response to webform that the application is still in progress. Same day I received update...