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    FSW MI2 ( 26 June 2010-30 June 2011 ) Applicant - ONLY LONDON visa office-

    Dear Friends I saw a lot of topic regarding of London Visa office or a particular time period that many people share their timelines and questions there from 2004 applicant to recently applied applicants. I believe that processing time is different between pre Feb. 2008, MI1 , MI2 & MI3...
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    MI2 applicants who got CAIPS/GCMS recently

    Dear all I am April 2011 applicant and stuck in RBVO since June 2011 in london VO. I know that some others at the same timeline have the same situation. Just if anyone with same condition has requested for CAIPS l GCMS recently and would you please share what do you undesrtand from it. Any idea...
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    MI2( june 2010-june 2011) Applicants london VO who are still RBVO

    Hi Dears I am April 2011 London VO applicant that my address in ecas is disappeared since 26th Jan 2011 and ecas shows only RBVO. There is no update till now. anyone in MI2 group has same situation? I can see many people who applied in Feb/ March 2011 are getting their visa and mine is waiting...