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    Application Canceled due to police certificates

    My application has been canceled :'(, and CIC claims that my police certificates are not valid or not complete. Im from Peru, and on my last trip to my country I got the police certificates and I translated them here in Canada. I do not know why they say they are not valid or complete. What can...
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    Pre and Post ITA work history

    In my work history pre-ITA I only included the jobs for which I have solid letters to support it. For my post ITA work history should I just include all my jobs? or keep it as it is? I'm worried that they might reject my profile if I do not include all the jobs in work history even if I...
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    withdrew EE profile is a PR application?

    In the PR questionnaire they are asking if I applied to PR before. I'm not sure what to answer. I have a EE profile that I withdrew one year ago. is this profile considered a PR application?
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    Modify profile after invitation form OINP

    One question, is it possible to update a profile after you receive the invitation to apply to OINP? The problem is that I input the wrong number of hours in one of my jobs, I put 30 hours/week but in the letter that I've just received from my previous employer says 40 hours/week. What can I do?