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    Parental sponsorship - what to notarize

    I need to know if all photocopies need to be notarized for this category. The document checklist doesn't specify that it needs to be notarized or certified. a)marriage certificate b) passport c) birth certificate d) PR/citizenship card Thanks!
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    Which skill level do i fall under?

    Hi, I need help trying to figure out which skill level will i fall under? So i have a pharmacy technician certificate and am currently working as a 'pharmacy assistant' in Shopper's Drug Mart Pharmacy. Due to new regulations all previous pharmacy technicians are now refered to as 'pharmacy...
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    Language requirement

    Hi, I was wondering if it is mandatory to do a language test if english has been your first language and language of instruction in school and you've completed a degree in Canada. Thanks.
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    Help! Hours of work more than 30 a week but less than a year

    Hi, I have completed 40 hours of work per week for at least 9 months now and a month of part time (32 hours) and ive 3 months of work experience in a job that might not be qualified under the required skill level. My Post graduate work permit is about to expire so i am hoping to put in my...