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    Difference between Study permit and Study Visa?

    I need to know what's the difference between Study Visa and study permit. I will be going to Toronto for a short term course for 10 weeks. I have been issued a student visa (SX-1) multiple entry valid for 10 years. How does it work for me. Please Adv
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    Unable to link my paper application to the online account (CAS Tool)

    I am trying to link my paper application for TRV to the online account. It says no records found every time I try to find my application. What does this mean?
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    TRV application 32 days passed and yet no update.

    Hello, I applied on paper for TRV on Aug 7th 2018 from Mumbai VFS office when processing time was 30 days, it's been 32 days now and their processing time keeps increasing every week. My travel date is on 17 Sept, 2018, it's a helpless situation. VFS office suggested to do nothing but wait. Sent...
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    Do I need Study Permit?

    I am planning to do a 10 weeks course in Toronto. Being an international student I need to know if I need a study permit or can I do the course on a tourist visa.