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    Quarantine exemption in Manitoba if fully vaccinated against covid?

    Is this true? Released 10th June : Exempt persons 2 This Order does not apply to the following persons: (a) persons who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, if they are not displaying any symptoms of COVID-19;
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    Federal panel recommends ending 3-day quarantine hotels
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    Anyone waiting for family reunification letter?

    Does anyone know how long IRCC is taking to issue immediate family reunification emails, esp when only eTA is required? The application is made using a different webform
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    Ontario quarantine requirement

    Sorry if this has already been answered but unable to find the answer online, is the Ontario quarantine requirement 11 or 14 days if the 3-day hotel quarantine is completed in another province?
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    Is connecting flight possible before 3-day hotel quarantine?

    If travelling to Toronto via Montreal (connecting flight), will the 3-day quarantine hotel become mandatory in Montreal? Is it possible to just complete the remaining quarantine in Montreal, and if so will it a further 11 days?
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    Why has Canada still got 14 days quarantine for travellers?

    In the UK self-isolation/quarantine is 10 days for everyone, why is Canada not doing the same? Obviously research in the UK is showing after 10 days one is non-infectious.
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    Anyone affected by the new lockdown in the UK?

    As travel has been banned from the UK (atleast until 6 January), has it disrupted anyone's plan to travel for January intake?
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    Is Co-op work permit included in the study permit?

    My study permit shows Type: Permit - WP / Permis - PT Permit - SP / Permis - PE The program requires work practicum, would I need to apply for a seperate co-op permit? Please advise.
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    Dates of "validity" and "must enter Canada by" in study permit approval the same

    2 yr Program for : Fall 2020 AIP : August 2020 Deferred to : Fall 2021 IRCC was informed via webform about deferral, study permit letter shows "validity" sept 2023 and "must enter Canada by" sept 2023. I presume validity refers to expiry of study permit but I would have expected "must enter...
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    Status in GCMS notes

    Received my GCMS notes, 56 pages in total, Under History - Appliation Status - "App/Case Status" is showing OPEN, and "App Status Reason" is In Progress CP, I presume this means no decision made yet on 2ns stage?
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    Is the information in GCKey account accurate?

    My account shows "your action is required" under current status, on checking the full application status page there appears to be nothing outstanding, just the usual like " we are reviewing your eligibility", "processing backround check" and "your application is in progess." Anyone else with the...
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    Spouse TRV application cancelled and today got notification payment required for biometrics?

    I have aip and my spouse had applied for temp resident visa. Got notification a few weeks ago from IRCC by email her application was being cancelled due to not requiring a visa for travel as she is a british citizen, although there was no change in her GCKey account. Received an email today...
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    Spouse's temporary resident visa application cancelled

    I had applied for my wife's temporary resident visa along with my study permit application. Just got message in her GC account that her application has been cancelled because she is able to travel to Canada anyway as a british citizen. However, this only allows her to stay for 6 months at a...
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    Anyone applied to MITT and deferred?

    As the title says, or just me?
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    SP timeframe slashed for UK

    Just checked, sp timeframe for UK applicants dropped from 18 weeks to 8 weeks! Returning to normality?
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    Is it allowed to have more than one study permit application?

    My program has been deferred to fall 2021, college has stated a new LOA will be issued from October onwards when the intake re-opens, however the LOA is not guranteed due to the fact lot of students have deferred and will be dependant on availability of seats for next year. Whilst, I'm waiting...
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    Which PNP is best after 2 year diploma?

    I am planning to study for a canadian 2 year diploma to improve my chances for express entry. As far as I can see, only Manitoba and BC pnp seem to give points for a diploma completed in that province. In Ontario, they don't even have an open stream for Master's degree, only PhD. So my...
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    Got AIP (on a Saturday), what next?

    Got email to check my online account which shows aip. My college already deferred my start to fall 2021, the program delivery is in-person only. Can I travel to Canada? Doesn't give me much time and probably the college wont allow me to start this year anyway. Shall I wait for 2nd stage decision...
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    Probability of allowing international travel after 31st August?

    With covid rates on the rise again throughout the world, I doubt whether Canada will permit international travel again after 31st August. The Canadian authorities are being very cautious and I do not see them re-opening borders until later in the year. However, it's possible they may make an...
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    Confused about reasons for study permit rejections!!

    Why does IRCC reject applications based on previous study? It's possible for someone to have a career change. And most students will have other reasons for studying in Canada, for example, to get extra points for PR application later. So ofcourse the student will leave Canada, why are they...