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    I don't know the details of NOC 4011, but qualifications falls under education... you have to get an ECA for your education/qualifications. for the experience part, you will have to prove you fulfill about 60-70% of the tasks and responsibilities described in the NOC. you will have to do that by...
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    Do we need Job letter from previous employer ?

    I do need it if you are claiming points for that experience. since you say that you just switched it seems it's a must.
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    your experience has (for the sake of immigration purpose) nothing to do with your eduacation. If you have worked as an assistant professor then select that specific NOC. check and double check tasks and job duties just to be sure
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    How to succeed as a fashion designer in Canada?

    as a fashion designer, you are eligigble to apply via Express Entry, should you fulfill the other requirements of course; language, education, work experience. you can assess your case through this link as a start...
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    Which provinces provides PNP under Non express Entry - Please help for a complete list
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    Which provinces provides PNP under Non express Entry - Please help

    To my knowledge all Qubec, PEI, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan have some (if not all) programs administered separate from EE.
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    Advice required on TEF/French

    actually the reading part is not difficult. nor the listening one I would say (but that varies on how much experience one has). the speaking and writing should be a challenge as you cannot foresee your results. no sample test will tell you how you will do on the real one good luck
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    I don't see a problem with that. It is important to give IRCC access (send a copy) to the report sorry for the late reply
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    October 2018 AOR - join here

    it is for provincial nominees. I got that too a week ago
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    Help please

    you're confusing CRS score with Quebec. that is only for EE. here you have the Arrima system where everyone can create a profile and place a Declaration of Interest. Past that point, nobody know who will be selected as there has been no draws to date. so I would say, go to arrima and create...
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    QUEBEC "Expression of Interest - Déclaration d’intérêt" (ALL UPDATES & DISCUSSIONS)

    that, nobody can tell you, but you can see on this forum what older/previous QC applicants are commenting on the other threads. From what I see not much movement is going on (hope I am wrong)
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    October 2018 AOR - join here
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    October 2018 AOR - join here

    Well is not that nonsense after all. If they allow you to keep your old passport, at some point in time you will have two valid passports. I will confirm with local authorities first thing in the morning just in case. Just to confirm I got this right, I can update my passport info through CSE...
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    October 2018 AOR - join here

    That's what happened when I renewed my children's passports. They retained the old one... three weeks later I got the new ones
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    October 2018 AOR - join here

    What is still unclear to me is, time come for the passport request, they will ask for current passport (due to expire). From that point I will not be able to get a new one since the visa will be sticked on this (in case I apply for a new passport I have to turn in the old one) Does it make more...
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    October 2018 AOR - join here

    My AoR is October 31st. My passport expires December 2019. Do I need to get a new passport or is this one ok? The thing is, if I continue to keep the current passport I will have to renew it from Canada (hopefully) but this is service is not offered by the Albanian embassy there. Conseguences...
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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    I have read people recommended doing this at 1st of January, but technically I don't see any profit. on the other hand, more important than that is IF and WHEN Ontario is going to run a round of NoIs for HCP (and this nobody can tell). If you have no hope for direct ITA you have nothing to...
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    October 2018 AOR - join here

    Got ADR for Schedule 4 today. Already uploaded. Did not know it was required until today (now I know:D) Status changed back from Your action is required to Submitted but on the details it is still showing We need more documents... Any idea how long it takes for them to get/consider the new...
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    Examples of cancelled as incomplete?

    well, first of all I am sorry to hear that. since there is no single manual for success as all cases are different, try to have your documents as recent as possible (not just PCC, but also certificates, PoF, current employment reference - previous experiences should be ok even if old ones...
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    nope. you're getting confused. If you apply on federal government level (i.e. FSW or CEC or FST) you don't need to send anything to the provinces. the whole PNP process is separate and has little (or nothing) to do with what you select on your province of interest. that option is just a way to...