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  1. Ironclad

    Full-time job and starting small business on PGWP

    Well, talking about ins and outs. Think the full-time or small-time business/job is irrelevant compared to what is at stake.
  2. Ironclad

    What is the Visa Officer's opinion about a student starting studies before visa approval?

    Wrong. IRCC has a compliance verification portal to check enrolment. Have seen many wasting thousands of dollars into the drain after their visas were refused where they began studying online without any final approval. They will avoid giving early approval/decisions since the maximum period of...
  3. Ironclad

    What is the Visa Officer's opinion about a student starting studies before visa approval?

    If you were the visa officer would you low ball ? Definitely not
  4. Ironclad

    Temporary public policy to facilitate the granting of permanent residence to international student with a recent credential from a Canadian post-

    It's like a raffle. Must have graduated before this month not earlier than 2017 and have valid IELTS (slots have been booked until next year in CA, FYI).
  5. Ironclad

    Once you finish your classes, when should you stop working part-time?

    No, don't screw up. You can only start working after applying PGWP (implied status). 20 hours part time/week only during regular school sessions. If you want to start working as soon as possible on PGWP try flagpoling (only if you know how to do it) . The procedure has changed after COVID-19.
  6. Ironclad

    Work before PGWP

    The difference is negligible. Don't think the VO will scrutinize or consider it as bad. You can write an explanation that the rest of the half period was after 26th and say that the "one and a half" period was in approximate terms and that's how they write it.
  7. Ironclad

    Work before PGWP

    March 1st is the day you started working. The day you got appointed isn't the work start period.
  8. Ironclad

    Work before PGWP

    Then its authorized since you are on implied status. No issues.
  9. Ironclad

    Work before PGWP

    If the pay stub signifies the pay period before 26th February then its unauthorized work. Was it full time or part time ?
  10. Ironclad

    Visa rejection (Need Help on next steps)

    @kathysrazor is very knowledgeable esp. regarding border matters
  11. Ironclad

    Study permit extension

    Nice you applied on Feb 2021 or Feb 2020 ?
  12. Ironclad

    Canada bans flights from India and Pakistan for 30 days...

    Nov 2020 to Feb 2021 was the best time to enter Canada, after that it kept getting worser. Unfortunately COVID-19 will be around for a while. Sometimes even the essential helpers and complaint addressers may get consumed by the pandemic as tomorrow is never promised for anybody irrespective of...
  13. Ironclad

    Canada bans flights from India and Pakistan for 30 days...

    The greater benefit can only be done by putting the Canadian visa offices into their place since the pandemic style visa processing is proving worse. NZ halted the study visa processing completely and had greater results. What's the point of approving visas and later banning travel, rather halt...
  14. Ironclad

    Traveling with expired IELTS

    No forget about the IELTS it has nothing to do with it
  15. Ironclad

    Advice needed: Regarding work conditions on the study permit

    Never seen or heard anything about it and don't think its normal.
  16. Ironclad

    Canada bans flights from India and Pakistan for 30 days...

    Many predicted the flight and provincial ban. Btw can't blame all the travellers. Only the travellers who evaded quarantine. Not quarantining means one is in violation of the study permit condition. It will definitely have an impact in future applications and is somehow indirectly aggravating...
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    Only mention in the LOE briefly.
  18. Ironclad

    is news from canada true fr india???

    Agree with the twitter spamming part as well. IRCC is no saint though as they do reverse engineer anxious doubts into rules from what I've seen.
  19. Ironclad

    What flight are you guys taking in light of recent events and a possible India flight ban by Canada?

    Not surprised at all, was the only one advocating against online learning and the importance of travelling early in this forum to avoid another wave.
  20. Ironclad

    Received visa, but medical validity expired. Do I need to take medical exam again?

    I think people should stop posting anxious questions over twitter since now it's clear that IRCC is maliciously using the information against the people so as to pin them down. Earlier it wasn't a rule but since many kept asking about this doubt over social media now it seems they have decided...