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  1. Kais767

    PRTD - Singapore VO?

    Does anyone have experience applying for a PRTD from the Singapore VO? I need to travel in December and doesn’t look like my first PR card will be arriving soon.
  2. Kais767

    Accompanying family member on study permit

    Does anyone have any experience entering Canada as an immediate family member of a study permit holder? My sister has a newly approved student permit. My mother needs to accompany her (as a visitor) next week, before the Sep 7 opening. According to IRCC, my mother can enter without written...
  3. Kais767

    Withdrawing & Reapplying - CEC inland

    I'm seriously considering withdrawing my existing CEC inland application stuck since 2020. Is it mandatory to withdraw my current application first? I already got a new ITA, but also for CEC. I know that different streams can have concurrent applications (eg PNP + CEC), but what about CEC+CEC...
  4. Kais767

    Processing Capacity Status Feature

    Just noticed this new feature which allows us to check on the processing capacity. As of Jan 18 it seems CEC is being processed at “full capacity” while others are at reduced capacity. Just a shame my CEC application hasn’t been touched since late Oct...
  5. Kais767

    GCMS notes: T4/payslips

    Just got my GCMS notes. CEC inland applicant here, June 13 AOR. Last note was Oct 1, recommended pass for eligibility. Case analyst was satisfied of my employment info, but also mentioned "appears PA did not provide T4/pay stubs" at the end in caps. Employment period and duties were noted as...
  6. Kais767

    Left Canada during Implied Status - Work Experience?

    I've applied for CEC inland in June 2020, but now I just realised something that I'm worried about. I completed my degree in May 2019, applied for my PGWP right away, then started full time work in June 2019. While waiting for my PGWP (on implied status) I visited the US in July 2019 for 2...
  7. Kais767

    eTA issued for PGWP for non-visa exempt?

    I received my PGWP and applied for GCMS notes out of curiosity. It seems under document issuance there was an eTA issued, but I'm from a non-visa exempt country. Ultimately not a big deal, but I'm genuinely curious if this happens for everyone or was it a mistake by the officer?
  8. Kais767

    Police cert error

    I got an ITA and filled up the questionaire, but my document checklist now asks for two police certificates. One is rightfully Malaysia, which I expected, but the other is for USA. I've never lived in the USA, only several short trips there (I checked my travel history and made sure it didn't...
  9. Kais767

    Validity duration: SP vs TRV

    Hi all, My application for a study permit was approved, and I was issued a TRV until Nov 2019. I presented an acceptance letter from the Univ of Calgary, which will graduate from in 3 years. However, I now got a belated acceptance to British Columbia (UBC), which requires 3.5-4 years. My...
  10. Kais767

    Passport request letter with no details on it

    I received an email just now saying I got a new message in my CIC account. I logged on to check, and it was a passport request letter!! However, when I opened the letter, all the personal detail fields like UCI, application number, name, date are all blank. For example: UCI: Application No...
  11. Kais767

    Police Clearance Certificate for Malaysian SP Applicant

    About a week after submitting my online application for a study permit, the online status shows "cleared" for the medical, but then I got a message asking for the following document: "Police Clearance Certificate" from the Malaysian authorities. This wasn't required when I submitted the online...
  12. Kais767

    Submit Letter of Acceptance that I won't use?

    Hi all, I got accepted by the University of Calgary 2 weeks ago. They've sent me an offer letter which states I have to accept within 30 days, meaning I have another 2 weeks to accept. I didn't accept immediately as it wasn't my first choice and I was still waiting for that. Just yesterday I...
  13. Kais767

    Study Permit applicants from Malaysia

    Are there any other Malaysians applying for a SP for this fall's intake? Do share your experience (institution, method of application, medical report, problems, questions etc) :) I'm a bit weary of the processing time because the CIC website says 11 weeks as of 11 April, and I've only gotten...
  14. Kais767

    Financial Documents for Study Permit

    Hi all, I'm a bit confused on how to get the bank statements of my parents (who will be funding my studies), as the banks in Malaysia generally don't send paper statements anymore. It's all online, with downloadable PDFs. Will those be sufficient, or do they need to be certified? I'm planning...
  15. Kais767

    Is approval/refusal decision only sent by mail?

    I'm rather surprised to find out that the Singapore office does not notify applicants of the decision through email, which is probably the easiest and fastest way. Instead, it has to be sent via snail mail. Just wondering, is it normal that I didn't get a "passport request" email? I wrote in to...
  16. Kais767

    Under-18 applicant for TRV: Lower chances of getting approved?

    I'm a 16 year male old high school student from Malaysia, planning to visit my friends in Vancouver and Seattle in Dec/Jan 2013. I will be travelling alone as my parents need to work, and they both have full time jobs and several accounts with a total of 70k> CAD and two properties. I applied...