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  1. tim50

    PGP applications 2017 - All good discussions threads are removed ?

    It seems that all the good discussions threads containing "draw for parents & grandparents applications 2017" are removed. Any ideas ?
  2. tim50

    online application, request for passport

    sorry for starting new topic. I got msg through myCIC on parents visa. it says, decision has been made to your application and requested passport. We don’t have VAC office nearby as my parent live in remote village area. We have applied online. Can we send passport to VAC office by postal...
  3. tim50

    mistake in online application

    hi, i have applied visitor visa online for my parents but made few silly mistakes in the forms. how can send updated forms? using web form?
  4. tim50

    Visitor visa - online application questions

    1. Representative form - 5713 >>> Should we fill, print, sign and scan it? Is sign required? 2. Family info from - 5645 >>> Should we print, fill names in native language, sign, scan, upload? Is native names and sign required? 3. Do they email for passport request or mail ? if mail, do they...
  5. tim50

    sponsorship of parents and grandparents for Canadian Permanent Residence

    In November 2011, the Government of Canada froze the sponsorship of parents and grandparents for Canadian Permanent Residence. Citizenship and Immigration Canada continued to process applications filed before November 5, 2011. However, no new applications have been allowed since that date. That...
  6. tim50

    landing questions

    Hi, I have below landing questions. Appreciate if experts response. 1) I been to Canada and worked there for 1 year. I have over $10,000 money in Canadian bank account. Do I need to declare this to CBSA as I am not carrying with me? Do I need to fill E667 form? 2) B4a form - good coming later...
  7. tim50

    Decision made to passport

    Hi, My Ecase shows 'Decision Made' on Feb 21 but still waiting to receive my passports? its approx 2 weeks. Any idea? VO is New Delhi.
  8. tim50

    Question - visa expiry date extended

    Hi, I have below questions. 1> Is it possbile to extend the visa expiry date? For exampl, if someone gets the visa 1 day before expiry date, can we request for extension? 2> He we get stampped passports after expiry of visa date, what will happen? can we request for extension in this case...
  9. tim50

    Passport with Visa office longest period...

    Hi, Can you guys post your max time (if more then 5 months) when New Delhi hold the passports. I have find so far two including me. CHC ND is holding our passports since Mid October? We are wondering why they takes over 5 months? Thanks,
  10. tim50

    PNP - New Delhi applicants who done/sent medical/passport in sep/oct 10

    Hi, I compelted my medical in mid sep and sent passports in mid oct but still waiting for visa. Please enter details on this thred who done medical in sep 10 and sent passports in oct 10. Only for New delhi visa office. Thanks,
  11. tim50

    Question of CAIPS Notes

    Hi, I received my CAIPS notes but unable to understand some of the terms. If someone help, will be great. paper file sent to LYB File BF'D to : EBC on 05-12-2010 (Question = What does LYB mean?). I have completed my medical and sent passports (medical and passports requested same time). Here...
  12. tim50

    Medical related questions - PMM / Qurax please advice

    Seniors please answer this question - Can we complete Medical from any DMP in the world? Is that DMP need to send results to the visa office? I am in Canada and want to complete my medical but DMP says, he can send results to Ottawa but not to Visa Office e.g New Delhi. (My visa office is...
  13. tim50

    Thread - PNP Apps Sent to New Delhi in JUL 2010

    Hi, Please log here who has been PNP nominated and sent visa application to new Delhi in Jul 2010 only. This will help to all of us to track and exchange with any issues. ID - TIM50 Country Current location - Canada PNP approval - Mar 2010 App sent to visa office - Jul 28, 2010 App recd by Visa...
  14. tim50

    employment reference letters

    Hi, Do we need to submit employment reference letters as per visa office 'New Delhi' checklist for PNP nominnee? Buffalo visa office does not ask for these and emp part has been accessed at provincial level so why visa office asking these? Thanks,
  15. tim50

    fee question for new delhi

    Can we make one DD for Cost of recovery and RPRF fee? Also whom to fever DD 'Canada high commission' or 'receiver general of Canada' ? Can I make DD in here in Canada and send to new Delhi?
  16. tim50

    Proviance nominee and CIC forms

    Hi, I have approved PNP and will be sending application form and supporting docs to visa office. I have submitted one set of CIC forms (only copies) along with my PNP application. Now I found that there are some mistakes in the CIC forms that I will correct while sending them to Visa office. Do...
  17. tim50

    Can we exted PNP exipry date?

    Hi, Date to send docs to visa office is 15, August 2010. Can we request to extend this date for say furthr 3 months. I need this for not delaying in getting PCC;s. Thanks.
  18. tim50

    FBI report and visa app fee - basic questions.

    Hi, I need help on below two questions. 1) For FBI certificate, Can we download the finger print form from FBI site on plain paper? Will FBI accept this? 2) For Visa office office, what mode of payment allows us to know our cheque/payment has been cashed by CIC? Is the cashier cheque or any...
  19. tim50

    need help on criminality issue

    Hi, I have one arrest record in US. My FBI records says arrested but non-conviction. My state record says " No record found". I need some help to fill section 9 in the form. "IMM 0008E_1: Schedule 1 - Background/Declaration". What should fill in arrested/detained ? If I fill 'yes'. what details...
  20. tim50

    Province app approved and need help to file app to visa office

    Hi, I have approved nomination from one of the province in Canada. I need to submit my PR application to Visa office. I have one arrest record in US. My FBI records says arrested but non-conviction. My state record says " No record found". I need some help to fill section 9 in the form. "IMM...