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    ***Passports submitted to CHC ISLAMABAD 2015***

    Applicants from london visa office who have submitted or are going to submitt their passports to chc islamabad can share their experiences...
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    2010 applicants who are still stuck...plz join this thread.

    Fellas!! Let's join together to sort out what's the problem!!!!
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    Thoz who got 6-12 months wait letter

    Hi all, Those who got 6-12 months letter let's connect here as we will be able to get the updates of any member.. So let's connect!!!
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    To all the members! Please help I have applied in noc 0111 as a finance officer but noc 0111 are suppose to be finance managers but my duties were that of finance manager, so would it affect my application as my application is in process, I have one more question now a days Iam finance manager...