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  1. Avadava

    Urgent help! Study permit issued with a 1 month validity

    This is for a friend. Some back story. Applied for a study permit from inside Canada in September. The study permit was approved last week and mailed to the immigration consultant's office. Picked it up today and the study permit says "Must leave Canada by March 30, 2020 " What is this? What...
  2. Avadava

    Info on BCIT admission

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone can give me some info (tips, things that I should know) about applying for admission to BCIT as an international student. It's not for me, but for my brother. He just chose the program he wants to apply to and booked his IELTS test. How hard is the admission? He's...
  3. Avadava

    Study permit refused - what are the options

    Thanks so much for your replies. Yes, the course they took was a prerequisite for their program. The college offers this English 12 course for students who don't have IELTS. Is it possible that he was rejected because he left Canada while his application was in progress?
  4. Avadava

    Study permit refused - what are the options

    They did apply from inside Canada, but because they had previously completed a program here. It was under 6 months so no study permit was required. According to IRCC, you can apply for a study permit from inside Canada under this type of circumstance. "Only some people can apply for a study...
  5. Avadava

    Study permit refused - what are the options

    Hi! First of all, I'm posting for a friend, hoping to get some ideas from you. Some background: Arrived in September in Canada with the girlfriend, both applied for the study permit from Canada. The friend left Canada to attend some family business back home, upon returning to Canada he was...
  6. Avadava

    Anyone applied for new passport lately?

    Just applied for my newborn and we got it a week earlier than we were told. Same when my husband and toddler applied last year. They say it will arrive BY that date, so it usually gets sooner (but not more than a week, unless you request urgent processing).
  7. Avadava

    july 2018, Citizen Application.

    I brought my COPR at the oath ceremony (it was on the list of documents to bring) but they never asked for it. All they wanted was my oath invitation, media release form, prohibitions form and my PR card (which they kept) and had me sign two papers (criminality and acknowledgement of the oath...
  8. Avadava

    july 2018, Citizen Application.

    If Turkey is your home country or the country you lived in before coming to Canada as a PR, you do not need to get a police certificate. (You already gave them one when you applied for PR, and your criminal situation hasn't changed when you landed as a PR, otherwise your PR would've been revoked).
  9. Avadava

    july 2018, Citizen Application.

    You don't need the citizenship application (you sent that in original to them). You need to bring everything that you sent a copy of: ID's, passports, PR card,proof of language. Everything else is not needed. The officer asked for my PR card, driver's license (or health card with picture, or...
  10. Avadava

    Unemployed during stay in Canada. Will they still grant citizenship or renewal?

    Everyone has an interview for the grant of citizenship. The only thing that not everyone does is the written test. Children under 18 and adults over 54 years old don't write a test. But everyone that is 18 and older has an interview.
  11. Avadava

    july 2018, Citizen Application.

    At my interview, she asked right away for PR card, ID's and all the passports in my possession. If you have any stamps in a foreign language (usually different alphabet like arabic or Cyrillic) bring a translation of those. You don't need your COPR now, only for the oath ceremony. Good luck!
  12. Avadava

    question regarding test

    It depends, but usually 3 hours would suffice. My test was scheduled at 8:15, got there at 8 am. I was the second person to finish the test and left the room. I then waited outside to be called for the interview which took 10 minutes. I was out of the building by 9:15. You have 30 minutes to...
  13. Avadava

    Unemployed during stay in Canada. Will they still grant citizenship or renewal?

    I landed as a PR in January 2015 and in December that year, my first son was born. I stayed at home to take care of him, then my second son came along. Never worked one day during my whole time in Canada, but I did some courses to help me get into the job market once I am ready to go to work...
  14. Avadava

    Quick questions

    Follow this link, scroll to payment type, and select citizenship from the dropdown menu.
  15. Avadava

    eligibility period for citizenship?

    Yes, you can apply right now. I became PR in January 2015. I applied for citizenship in July 2018 with about 1,200 days of physical presence. I am taking my oath of citizenship in two weeks.
  16. Avadava

    Middle school for children when parent is temp worker

    Thanks! That's a good place to start!
  17. Avadava

    Middle school for children when parent is temp worker

    Hi! I was hoping to get some info regarding school registration in BC for children whose parent is a temporary worker. Backstory: father came to Canada on a work permit. Wife is planning to join him in August. The children are 9 and 12 years old and will need to be registered in the school...
  18. Avadava

    Vancouver, Surrey & Fraser Valley applicants

    Yes. Last I heard from them was September 2018 when my application went in process. After that radio silence till mid April 2019. So 7 months of nothing. July 9 will be 1 year since they received my application. Oath ceremony is July 1st.
  19. Avadava

    Citizenship application - notifications !

    If you put an email in your application, IRCC prefers that. In all my dealings with them (PR and citizenship) they never sent me regular mail. But it happens, nevertheless. Mostly with requests for additional documents like fingerprints, repeat of medical exam, etc.
  20. Avadava

    CIT 002 Question 15 Language evidence

    You need to check "no" as the answer for question 15. On a separate sheet of paper (which you will include with your application) write the following: Name: (your full name) DOB: ( your date of birth) UCI: (your UCI number) Addendum to CIT002 Question 15 (write the entire question just like...