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  1. vaibhavvd

    My expriences so far ... first two days in Toronto!!!

    @ newtone - really... :o. That was something... ;D Good one though. newtone - please leave his highness alone and dont you dare to make fun of the royal breed. ;) No offence PRINCE, sorry buddy, couldnt hold myself from posting this.
  2. vaibhavvd


    @ Gopi, Congrats for the PR. I have also got PR recently and would be landing in March. WIth my limited knowledge i can say that - as such there is no restriction for FSW immigrant to land in Canada, except Qubec. Further I dont see any reason why landing procedures at one particular airport...
  3. vaibhavvd


    Guys - please raise a case specific enquity to CHC London. It might get them going ;D
  4. vaibhavvd

    Thread 1111 and 0111 who have submitted docs in delhi CHC Only 2010

    Awsome exhibition of experience in words... Thanks for the inputs Anil. Indeed it matters alot to all of us.
  5. vaibhavvd

    Sending Indian Passport outside the country of residence!!!

    @metallica, You will have no other option than to send you ppts in/outside of India through somebody with an authorization from you. I did send my ppts out and inside of India through one of my friends and had given him authorization as well. Please PM me in case you need any further assistance...
  6. vaibhavvd

    "DUBAI APPLICANTS" **Let's Network & Get Connected**

    hi OHM, There shouldnt be any problem in your case. Mine reached London CHC on the 5th working day.
  7. vaibhavvd

    Passport submission to New Delhi Visa office from USA

    Hey, thats the only option you have got buddy. Search for somebody or let any of your family members carry the passports to India. As you know couriering the passports to/from India is illegal so dont think of going for it. All the best..:)
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    Hi Guys, My passports reached London office on 27th and was received and acknowledged by Joseph. Fingers crossed now. Regards Vaibhav
  9. vaibhavvd

    Prospect for Accountants/Account Managers in Canada (NOC 1111 / 0111 / 1112)

    thanks alot coolguy. a very informative post indeed. regards Vaibhav
  10. vaibhavvd

    *** Finally Got It ***

    Congrats Saki bro. All the best for your life in Australia :)
  11. vaibhavvd

    Thoz who got 6-12 months wait letter

    Heartiest congrats smikri ad all the best for job hunting and settlement. :)
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    COngrats Garry, start packing your bags.. ;D ;D ;D
  13. vaibhavvd

    Accountants to Canada - Let's Network

    Nice thread AAJ. I am in buddy. So far I did not do any great amount of research hence, at least at the moment, I am not able to contribute to this thread.
  14. vaibhavvd

    My Landing Experience - Toronto (Brampton)

    Congrats Coolguy. I believe yuo wont be staying there for long. Also let us know you about the research you would do about the job market. Keep us posted.
  15. vaibhavvd

    "DUBAI APPLICANTS" **Let's Network & Get Connected**

    Hi fswpdxb, the easiest way to get India PCC is to approach the Indian Embassry/Consulate and apply for the PCC. You'll get it in less than a week's time, I believe. Getting it from India is a tedious task.
  16. vaibhavvd

    Thread 1111 and 0111 who have submitted docs in delhi CHC Only 2010

    Congrats Karthik. Stay fit for medicals. All the best.
  17. vaibhavvd

    Landing shortly ! Thank You every one here for all the help - Advise for others!

    Congrats Maran... and all the best for the job hunting. Keep us posted with your endeavours in Canada. - Vaibhav
  18. vaibhavvd

    "DUBAI APPLICANTS" **Let's Network & Get Connected**

    Hi smikri, Please share your timelines. I got my medicals done on 17th June 2013 and now waiting for medical request. thanks
  19. vaibhavvd

    Finger printing in hyderabad

    What this finger printing is for?
  20. vaibhavvd

    $ciccic_office_id$ in eCase, please check your status

    Hi getcanada, I have similar line in my eCAS and have received MR on 29th May. Got done with the medicals on 17th June. Still the medical received line is not appearing in my eCAS. And now i'm waiting for PPR. hope this helps -Vaibhav