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    Priority Skills - Newfoundland and Labrador PNP

    Its better you apply yourself instead of depending any agencies.
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    Regina or Saskatoon - which city is good for IT professional?

    Hi, Which is the best job portal for posting resume for IT jobs in Canada?
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    Medical exam

    Hi, IRCC website says we can get a copy of the medical exam? Is it only the blood test reports or the complete report including everything? How to get this? If anyone have done it please reply. Getting a copy of your medical exam If you want a copy of your medical exam, please ask the doctor...
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    Visa medical examination: question for ladies

    You can tell to the PP upfront . If any problem with the urine test the hospital will inform you and will redo the urine test.
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    Medical Exam

    Hi, How do we know that the hospital uploaded the results to IRCC or not? Do we get any conformation when they upload the results? We completed the medical last week but nothing mentioned in the GCKey account and not sure whether the hospital sent the results to ircc or not. Please reply.
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    Medical for Children

    Any idea what are the tests required for children under 15 years old?
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    Medical Exam extension

    Hi, How can we request for the medical exam extension if we are not able to complete within 30 days? Please reply if anyone already have done it.
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    IRCC Delhi Webform

    No update.
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    Regina or Saskatoon - which city is good for IT professional?

    Hi, Which city is good to find an IT job for a newly moved immigrant? Regina or Saskatoon?
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    Hi, what is the email address of WES Canada?
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    Awaiting suggestions from seniors for migration to canada [from kerala,India]

    You can go through these links to understand the process.
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    New Delhi Visa Office / NDVO applicants, let's connect here.

    Hi, Any idea Delhi visa Office is working or not?
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    Biometrics date extension
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    New Delhi Visa Office and VFS update

    No response yet.
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    IRCC Delhi Webform

    I also did not get answer to my only the standard automatic reply. Mine was not student visa.
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    IRCC Delhi Webform

    Thank you. Did you get any reply for the webform raised?
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    IRCC Delhi Webform

    I sent email email to new Delhi visa office in May and no reply so far. When did you raise the webform? How do we raise webform to IRCC New Delhi? Is there any webform url for IRCC New Delhi?
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    IRCC Webform

    Hi, I raised a webform on 9th June 2021 and did not receive any reply from IRCC yet. Should I send the webform again now or should I wait for some more time to send it again? Anyone send the webform recently got the response from IRCC? Please reply.
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    January 2020 on wards Paper Based PR Applicants waiting for AOR/MR/PPR connect here.

    I raised a webform on 9th June and no response from IRCC yet. Anyone got the webform response recently?