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    How do I check Current Status of my online visitor visa application?

    If something gets updated on your application it says something like "Application Updated". And it case of a new message, instead of "Read" it says "New".
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    Visitor Visa (Parents) January 2021. Paper applications can be linked online, if that's what you are looking for. Please refer the link.
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    New visitor visa application from India This thread might help. There are people here who have had similar experience.
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    New visitor visa application from India

    Biometrics are currently not happening in India - people have flown to Dubai and Nepal to get theirs. For application processing time please check here :
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    TRV 2021 Extended Family Member Timeline

    You can check the processing time for your country of application here :
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    No Progress

    May be because both Study Permit and Visitor visa have different processing times. You can check them here;
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    Simple question

    She will only be allowed to stay until that visa end date. If she wishes to stay longer you would need to apply for renewal before she intends to travel.
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    Simple question

    Do you mean the TRV is still valid but the passport is expired? If so, she does not have to apply again. She just has to travel with BOTH her old passport with valid visa and new valid passport.
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    Spouse eligibility for IELTS

    You can check your score with and without spouse points and do what makes sense depending upon on your score. Thanks!
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    CEC Applicants - Jan 2021 **Join Here**

    Happened with us, but back in 2018 when things were different. We had to travel back home and PPR had just come. This trip was for a month and we knew we'll be back to Canada but we know our last date to send the passport will be gone by the time we come back. So we sent a request to IRCC...
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    Mother travelling for post partum help and support

    Pre-requisites : 1. My husband and I are Canadian PR 2. My mother holds a valid visitor visa - have travelled to Canada before I am due in June and would like my mother to be with me around that time (May, probably). Since she has a visa I am not sure what is actually required from her when she...
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    Visitor or Supervisa (mom in India) - Unfortunate circumstances

    Very sorry for your loss. Per the website to check processing times; This processing time doesn’t include: the time it takes to send an application between a VAC and our office the time you need to give your biometrics I would go for Visitor as it does not require medical(that expires soon...
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    Applying visitor visa for parents

    The issue could be with cookies too - try deleting your cookies and browser history and then close that. Open a fresh browser and try logging again.
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    Any recent travelers entering Canada?

    If you're not the traveller, you can submit travel information on behalf of others who may be unable to use ArriveCAN by: downloading the ArriveCAN app or signing in online You’ll need to fill out ArriveCAN with the traveller’s: address contact and travel information You’ll then be able...
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    Visitor Visa (from India - outside of Canada) applicants of October or November 2020

    There are some contacts here;
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    2020 TRV timelines

    Just found this on CIC's website; Not sure if this directly relates, but worth a read; If we begin to process your application, we’ll send you an acknowledgement of receipt letter or email with an application number. We don’t...
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    Visitor Visa (from India - outside of Canada) applicants of October or November 2020

    Thank you! We are due in June and hope to call our moms then. Fingers crossed
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    Visitor Visa (from India - outside of Canada) applicants of October or November 2020

    Yeah, that’s what I suspected too. Thanks bud! However it does not state when exactly are these new restrictions coming in effect and when would these end, does it?