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    >>>>>>>>>>February 2021<<<<<<<<<< AoR Join here

    Not yet. Am not sure if even eligibility has started for my application.
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    ECA done but..

    Am not sure if it would help but go ahead and send the new one to WES and explain that it got updated. ECA from Australian Universities are pretty fast since they don't need to send the docs physically.
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    Try clearing the cache, using incognito mode or a different browser.
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    IRCC has no authority over your organization.
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    Upfront medicals can be linked to the new profile if it is valid.
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    If it is part of the required set of documents then yes it will be refused and you have to get into the pool again. Although, if you are waiting for certain docs like PCCs, a LOE with proof of applying for PCCs can be uploaded until they arrive.
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    Once you submit your PR application: The first thing the you receive is AOR - Acknowledgement of Receipt. R10: First check that's carried out to see if the required documents are sent and in the proper format. If there are any required docs missing here, the application is mostly refused. BIL...
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    WES query

    How can it be fake and genuine at the same time. Honestly, if you do get caught, you will be banned from Canada (ranging from 5 to 10 years sometimes for life depending on the nature of misrepresentation )and potentially the university can be blacklisted.
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    WES query

    What does the evaluation tool say when you add your MTech ?
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    WES query

    If your university is recognized by WES, that's all it matters. Take a look at the equivalence tool to check if your university and degree are recognized.
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    WES query

    WES usually recognizes universities under AICTE.
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    Minimum entry criteria DATE. Please help!

    Where do you see this update?
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    Backdated Degree for Immigration only India

    Sure shot way to get banned by IRCC.
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    [FSWO, AOR Mar 2020] Received "do you still want to immigrate to Canada?" email

    Reply to that email, they would probably let you know what needs to be done.
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    Difficult to estimate under current circumstances. FSW has gone to 2 years now and so did some of the older PNPs.
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    MBA from India

    WES takes minimum 35 days to send the report once all the required documents are received. The delay usually happens during document receiving stage. Some universities in India also have a extra verification step, where WES reaches out to the university directly to confirm the transcripts or...
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    MBA from India

    WES is quicker but Indian evaluations take longer than required. Some agencies are taking 6 months processing time right now
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    PCC enquire

    If it's not the current country of residence, PCCs don't expire. This is true for most cases, you can check the forum here to confirm
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    PCC enquire

    Depends on the officer, but possible that you maybe asked to apply for a new PCC particularly if the expiring one is the current country of residence.
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    Sydney, Nova Scotia Visa Office - Let's connect here!

    Did you attach the receipt that you received as well ?