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    ** CEC Applicants - Aug 2021 - timeline & updates **

    thank you so much! what a relief!
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    ** CEC Applicants - Aug 2021 - timeline & updates **

    thank you for the reply maybe this end of the month i will get results for my medical. thank you. what is the latest for your application?
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    ** CEC Applicants - Aug 2021 - timeline & updates **

    Hello, Anyone can help me if my PR Application moving. AOR- August 23, 2021 Ghost email- September 23, 2021(when I check my account) the following showed in my status: Eligibility- we are reviewing whether you meet your eligibility requirements. Medical-you do not need a medical report( upfront...
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    ** CEC Applicants - Aug 2021 - timeline & updates **

    hello, for me no update in my account since I received an email that they updated. Did you received an email when there is changes in your account.
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    Change of IUC number???

    hi can i ask led what happen after you received the ghost email?
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    ** CEC Applicants - Aug 2021 - timeline & updates **

    i got a ghost email too last September 23- but when I check my cic account no changes medical exam- you do not need medical exam my UCI is same as my work permit and my Biometrics was done during my work permit application. please update me too
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    Ghost update prior to MEP

    hello any update?
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    Hiv positive application

    hello what is the update on your application?
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    Received CEC Invitation without Completing One year. Accept or Decline?

    meaning to say you can accept the ITA. then submit all your requirements once you have your 1 year experience provided your 1 year work experience is in the window 90 days to pass the application?
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    Draw # 176, CEC @ 75

    thank you so much fingers crossed everyone under CEC will receive the ITA
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    Draw # 176, CEC @ 75

    are they sending in batch?
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    Draw # 176, CEC @ 75

    hi i have friend received the ITA today but for me not yet but CEC eligibility was met. am I going to receive too?
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    SOWP 2020 (Philippines)

    Is there any updates with your application?
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    Spouse visa processing speed up

    Is it applicable for spouse open work permit or only for permanent residence application?
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    Hi I would like to ask if You were able to land in Edmonton directly without passing Vancouver or Canada?
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    FILIPINO NURSES applying for CNO REGISTRATION ONLY - English and Tagalog posts

    Hello po! Ask ko Lang po if ano maganda Aplayan RN or RPN?working here in KSA for 5 yrs + 2 years sa pinas.nag IELTS po ako last January GT BS ay 6.5 Sa tingin nyo po pasok ako sa CNO?may problema pa po ako isa di ako makaka apply this year dahil kulang points ko 65 LNG Nakuha ko eh pede po ba...