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  1. picklee

    Gratuity payment from employer before moving processed after arriving

    You will need to consult the UAE-Canada tax treaty on this one, and ideally a professional who is familiar with said treaty. Article 15 seems relevant:
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    Wire money into Canada after landing

    Not sure this applies to the OP’s question. Simply bringing money into Canada does not automatically incur tax. CRS happens at a financial institution. There is still nothing to declare at the border, as long as you are not carrying $10,000+ in cash or cash-like instruments on your person. For...
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    how to claim non resident status?

    Tax residency and immigration residency are two separate and unrelated issues. If you are not required to file a tax return in Canada, then stop, there is nothing more you need to do. However, in the case where husband may wish to apply for Canadian citizenship in the future, then it is...
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    Tax general inquiry

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    File Taxes for Work Permit Holder with no salary?

    If you spend more than 6 months during a calendar year in Canada, then you are generally a resident for tax purposes.
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    File Taxes for Work Permit Holder with no salary?

    As a tax resident of Canada, you are required to file taxes and report your worldwide income.
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    Tax general inquiry

    Tax liability in Canada generally arises from two situations: (1) you earned income from a job or self employment while resident of Canada; or (2) you earned passive income from bank interest, dividends, or you sold property at a gain while resident of Canada. Simply bringing money into Canada...
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    Filing American Taxes

    1) Depending on your income level, you can use any of the free file services. If your income is not complicated and sourced primarily from employment, then most softwares can do this. If you have self employment income, own property, own foreign stocks/mutual funds, or have a TFSA then you will...
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    Using foreign PhD as work experience

    The National Occupation Classification (NOC) scheme was developed and used for purposes other than immigration in Canada.
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    Dual Citizen Entering US using CA passport

    I was pointing out the oddity of a US NEXUS enrollment officer suggesting that an American could enter the US on Canadian citizenship, contrary to US law.
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    Dual Citizen Entering US using CA passport

    I am aware that multiple citizenship’s can be held under NEXUS. But if you read my post, one particular incident at the Peace Arch land border suggests that not all your citizenships appear on screen to US CBP when the card is scanned. I never gave the officer my card, and he seemed confused why...
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    Dual Citizen Entering US using CA passport

    That’s really odd considering that it is unlawful for a U.S. citizen to enter or leave the U.S. without a U.S. passport. Hence the reason that all U.S. citizens have U.S. citizenship attached to NEXUS. Global Entry is a program that consolidates all the preclearance programs for air travel...
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    Using foreign PhD as work experience

    You’re missing the point. Whomever you have “checked with” may have had different circumstances than you. It doesn’t mean you can expect the same results. You can claim experience during a PhD if you were an employee and not just an enrolled student. To be considered an employee you generally...
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    Ppr photo specs

    The photos need to be recent, date stamped and taken by a photographer with the photographers name and address stamped on the back.
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    Using foreign PhD as work experience

    It sounds like you were not considered an employee. The fact that you don’t have pay stubs will be the first red flag for IRCC, regardless whether you can get a reference letter from someone. You can save yourself a lot of headache and money by waiting until you have 1 year of work experience...
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    Me and My husband both want to work in Canada. Should we both apply via express entry for PR?

    You can apply together or separately for PR depending on the number of points in each case. But if only one applies for PR, then the other is not eligible to work because it is considered non-accompanying spouse. So basically, if you both want to work and live in Canada, then you will both need...
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    Dual citizen entering US on Canadian NEXUS

    My child is a dual US-Canada citizen with two passports. When we applied for the NEXUS card, we showed both passports and birth certificate (born in Canada). However, when we received the NEXUS card, the primary nationality is Canadian and NEXUS only allows for one citizenship to be associated...
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    Proof of Fund Letter USA Bank

    You can mention in the LOE about the bank not signing the letter. Provide them with the contact information of the bank and preferably of an account manager. Credit card statements do not prove funds and are not necessary.
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    Using foreign PhD as work experience

    I understand you were paid by scholarship. Did you receive a monthly or bi-weekly paycheck? Does your pay stub have an “employee id” or “employee number” on it? If you answered yes to both of the questions above, then you were likely classified as an employee by your university. You can add...
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    Using foreign PhD as work experience

    A scholarship cannot be considered salary if you were not an employee. A scholarship is for studying and a salary is for working. It all depends on how you are classified by your university. Some people are both a student and employee, others only student. Whether a scholarship is taxable or not...