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  1. parry1901

    Dehli - India - Parents Visit visa

    Parents have applied for visitors visa (paper submission visa) from VFS Ahmedabad on 12th April, 2016 when the time line wash showing as 13 days wait. Today timeline is showing as 19 days wait for processing. Got 2 emails : - File moved to VFS Banglore - File moved to CIC - Dehli Now 13 days...
  2. parry1901

    Letter from RTO for G1/G2 Licence- Landed people please help

    Any one from Gujarat RTO is able to arrange the below letter for Ontario License. Gujarat RTO is clueless about the letter and they cannot provide the letter as said by the agents... Please assist. LETTER HEAD , LOGO OF AUTHORITY, REF NO, DATED, TELEPHONE NUMBER...
  3. parry1901

    safehomestay toronto

    Hi Anyone has booked for Safehomestay in coming few months? I am planning for August 2014.
  4. parry1901

    Error in COPR forms

    Hi all, Need Advice.... we got the PPT's back today after 5 weeks with COPR for me & my family. Now there is error in my COPR form: Myself (PA): the marital status in "single" and "married" for my spouse. However they have written in Dependent information as spouse and child accompanying...
  5. parry1901


    Hi All, I am planning to land in August 2014 last week in Toronto from Mumbai... Anyone else landing during this period?? parry