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  1. Gori

    Help plz!

    Hello guys, I need a guidance regarding application for a visitor visa for my mother-in-law and my nephew...?We would like to invite them to visit us....My mother in law never had a job, she is from India and we would like to invite her in Canada to help me with our baby but I do not know what...
  2. Gori


    Hello, could you help with little bit information regarding a situation: I need to know how my nephew (7 years old) can get an Indian passport, as I said he is 7 years old, he is born and lives in India with my sister, ne never been out of India. His father is working in Dubai, he cant sign for...
  3. Gori

    DNA test?

    Hello, could anybody who knows about the DNA test asked by VO, ours is New Delhi help me with information regarding what is the procedure after the positive DNA results? Our friends were waiting for interview letter but they received letter asking for DNA test, they are October, 2014 applicant...
  4. Gori

    In process and interview.

    Hi there, could you please share how long it took for the people who went in process to get their interview letter or even without going in process? I am just trying to figure out how long before we can expect news for my interview. I went in process on September 27th but i will have interview...
  5. Gori

    Which visa office gets the most applicants and which is the slowest working?

    Hello, can you share which visa office is the country with most applicants and which visa office do you think is the slowest working or is the most busy? Our visa office is New Delhi and it takes at least an year to get some news from them.