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    File approved but no documents received in the mail

    My file got approved on march 30th but I didn’t get any documents in the mail..just got copr number in the site. Anyone know how long it will take to get the documents
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    Vancouver visa please connect here

    Hi guys My Aor -27 October 2020 I called ircc couple of weeks ago and got to know that my eligibility criminal and background everything is cleared but just waiting for final decision
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    VO vancouver please share your experience here

    My application AOR is 27 October, eligibility, criminal, background everything passed but nothing updated in the profile.
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    All stages passed but no copr

    Hi guys, Through an IRCC agent got to know that my eligibility,criminal, background are passed. But waiting for more than a month no update on my profile. Anyone having same issue. Share your experience
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    VO Vancouver

    Hi guys anyone stuck with vancouver VO. Please share your experience here
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    october 2020 AOR

    hi guys ITA- september 16, 2020 AoR- october 27, 2020 medicals passed- Dec 7 biometrics completed- december 18 from that time no updates could someone help me knowing your timelines