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    LPR (Green Card) and PR!?

    Hello all, I have sponsored my wife a few months back from the US. She has received her PR card. Now she needs to travel to the States. As I learnt, she requires a visitor's visa to enter the states. She also still has her LPR (Green Card from the States). And I believe, that she has 12 months...
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    COPR paperwork - character limit on names or spelling mistake? Advice please!

    Same thing happened in my case too. My wife's name was mis-spelled in both CROP as well as the Visa. I contacted Visa office, Buffalo right away, and I was told that it's just shortened in the CROP and Visa; however, in the system it's correctly spelled out. When we landed, and advised the...
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    Shipping personal belongings from US to Canada.

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of packing up my stuff to move to Canada. My house-hold belonging is going to be too much to carry it with me in the plane. I was thinking, if it's better (cheaper) to ship it by some sort of carrier seperately. i.e. a typical laguage or two, which can weigh...
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    Advise on searching job in Edmonton.

    Thank you so much for the info. Allison. Can you (Only if you feel confortable) provide a contact information of your friend? That's way, since he also is an IT person, he might be able to reference some useful resources. I would appreciate that. You can PM his information. Thanks and...
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    going crazy!!!!!!

    Exactly!!! Sometimes sooner than 7 months. and sometimes more than 7 months. It all depends on each case.
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    Advise on searching job in Edmonton.

    Dear all, I've been working in the U.S. and am ready to packup to Canada. YES!!!! :D I'm an IT professional and have +7 years of experience in this domain. I'm gonna relocate to Edmonton, AB or possibaly to Vancouver, BC later on. I want to know, if someone already know some companies with...
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    Should I be worried...

    At what stage is your application? How long it has been 'in progress' state? What was the last letter/message that you got from the visa office?
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    Stop in a different city than the final distination.

    Thank you guys for the input. I'd booked the ticket yesterday, and I have a grace period of 24 hours to cancel, meaning that won't get penalized for cancellation if done within 24 hours. Then, I guess, I will re-book another one which directly lands in Edmonton. Because, there's not enough time...
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    Stop in a different city than the final distination.

    Deal all, If my final destination is--say Edmonton--and I book a ticket from US that has a stop--say in Vancouver--Then my port of entry would be considered Vancouver BC and not Edmonton AB. Would that be any problem? or cause any un-necessary delay at landing? Or I'm simply paranoid? I have...
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    Need Info. on Alberta

    How about IT-related jobs, in Edmonton and/or Calgary? Would you be able to comment on that?
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    What have you noticed is different in Canada?

    Really!? I've always thaught the other way around! In Canada, heathcare is not privatized; whereas in the U.S. it is, which means more $. As far as the quality of service: I guess you receive about the same level of service for both.
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    The day is here...with happy landing...

    Congratulations and thanks for this useful information. I am packing up at the moment and soon be heading too. If you can give any advise like Dos and Don'ts, that would be great. I assume that if you have all your documents sorted that, I don't think there would be any issues at landing. One...
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    Yuhooo!!! Got IT, finally!!!!!!!!!!

    Sure Amatullah, and Selena, Application sent, first to CPC, Mississauga, (Can't remember the exact date, it was long time ago ;-)) sometimes June 2008. Application was approved sometimes mid-July 2008. Application sent to Buffalo, NY visa office late July 2008 I was asked to provide some...
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    what does this mean??

    I hope so to. But, it could also mean that the system could go under technical maintinance. I hope its the formar
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    Yuhooo!!! Got IT, finally!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks everyone for support. I guess christmas's come early for me, this year :D I wish every one of you best of luck, one more time and happy holidays.
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    My son's status

    Thank you guys so much for the info. Appreciate it.
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    My son's status

    I am in a similar situation, where my 8 months onld son, born in US, needs to travel with me (Canadian) my wife to Canada. I'd already applied for citizenship certificate back in August 09. The process of sponsorship of my wife is complete and we got the visa for PR, and we'r ready to move in...
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    Yuhooo!!! Got IT, finally!!!!!!!!!!

    Deal all, After a long wait, it all came to an end, yesterday, when I received the Visa/CoPR by mail. I'm very glad that it's all over now. I wish the very best of luck to everyone who'r waiting. I wish for them that the wait will come to an end one day soon. Thanks all for help and support...
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    No access to eCAS all of a sudden.

    Hi all, All of a sudden, today, I wasn't able to loginto eCAS to check my Application status. Last time I checked was last week, and I was able to login with Immigration File number (B#), but today, it gives me the typical error, meaning that it can't locate the record. BTW, I was asked few...
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    Applying through Buffalo

    "Not true, I've never been in the US for more than a day and I was entitled. Buffalo deals with people who have been let into Canada legally for one year. As long as you meet that requirement you can have them process it." I see. I wasn't aware of this fact.