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  1. armaanwadhwa

    Is NDVO (New Delhi Visa Office) issuing PPR these days?

    Is NDVO (New Delhi Visa Office) issuing PPR these days to Express Entry PR applications with completed files including biometrics?
  2. armaanwadhwa

    Document upload through Webform after AOR

    Uploaded an updated document via Webform after AOR. It was done om October 10th and I didn't get any sort of automated response or acknowledgment. Is this normal?
  3. armaanwadhwa

    Police certificate from Delhi Police Website

    Hi guys - I got the PCC done from Delhi Police website and successfully got the same. Wondering if that can be used or only PSK police certificate is acceptable? I have only lived in one particular address in Delhi and have not lived anywhere else in India. Please advise.
  4. armaanwadhwa

    Family business work experience

    Hey guys, I'm working for my dad for more than a year in a skilled occupation. He's a sole proprietor in India and has been paying me regular money as salary in my bank account ever since. Wanted to know if I can count this work experience and if a work experience job responsibilities letter...
  5. armaanwadhwa

    IELTS Slowing Down and WES Suspended Normal Operations

    Hi Guys, As we know IELTS and WES has slowed down if not totally suspended. What effect will this likely have on the Express Entry? (Assuming the CIC keep doing draws as they do). In common sense, this may drastically bring down the cutoff. Thoughts?
  6. armaanwadhwa

    Express Entry Pool and Study Visa

    Hi guys, Im in the express entry pool at 447 but its not going to come down. Can I apply for a PG DIPLOMA starting this September 2020 without any dual intent issues? What wouldbe the procedure? I have a masters already from UK.
  7. armaanwadhwa

    Freelance Hours Calculation - Self Employed

    Hi guys, So I have worked with a client (as a freelancer) between April 29, 2019 and September 8 2019 on a skilled job in NOC Code B and client will have no problem providing letters. My questions is that the total amount of hours I worked with this client is 981 hours in these 19 weeks...
  8. armaanwadhwa

    Freelance Work, Can I claim?

    Hey guys, below is my job history: JOB A: July 2014 to July 2015 (Primary NOC) JOB B: Feb 2018 to June 2018 Skilled JOB C: July 2018 to April 2019 Skilled In between I was doing masters and studies hence the gap. However I was also doing freelance work for one of my US client remotely. My...
  9. armaanwadhwa

    PCC for India - Confusion

    Hello guys, I have a PCC from Delhi which I got in November 2017. The only confusion is that it was used for my Australian work visa and it is addressed to the Australian High Commission. Can I use this same certificate for the express entry? I currently live in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks!!
  10. armaanwadhwa

    Can UK Placement count towards experience?

    Hello Nice People, I did my bachelors in the UK form 2012 to 2016, but I managed to secure a FULL TIME (40 hours a week for 52 weeks) PAID SKILLED ENGINEERING JOB from July 7 2014 to July 7 2015. During this year, I did not attend classes as I was not required too as it is called a placement...