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    Indian with PR in Canada but working remotely from Canada

    Hi, If I am working remotely from Canada for an Indian company. I am in Canada with a PR and not a principal applicant. Do I have to pay taxes in Canada when I am already paying that in India? I will bring my income to Canada at some point. Thanks
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    Spouse Work - Self Employed

    Hello, My spouse is applying for a self-employed Permanent Residence but my line of work is different. If I stay in Canada, can I get a work permit from the beginning or after a few years or after applying for citizenship? @scylla please guide. Thanks, Vijay
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    lost the job with LMIA but spouse has Open Work Permit

    Hi, Question 1 I lost the job with approved LMIA but the spouse has an Open Work Permit which is linked to my work permit. that is not valid anymore. Can she work in Canada? Question 2 If she works in Canada what kind of job offer and the number of hours she needs to apply for PR as a Canadian...
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    Completed 6 months then lost job, is Ohip Valid?

    Hi, I completed 6 months then lost the job, is my Ohip Valid? If yes for how many months. I came on LMIA closed work permit. Thanks in advance @scylla
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    Severance Pay Foreign Worker LMIA

    Hi, I am on LMIA came through global stream 2 weeks processing. I will be loosing my job in coming days at completion of 6 months. How much severance pay, should I get? Please help on this. @scylla and others who know. Thanks
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    Apply without Transcripts

    Hi, My university is not sending transcripts to WES due to lockdown in India. I am waiting for last two months. What should I do? Still create a profile? I am not sure if they will really send and it will come in another 2 months. Thanks
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    Query on Expedited Process from CIC news

    Hi, I came across this article I am on LMIA. So how does the process looks like for individual and employer in case of LMIA applicant? Is it going to be equally quick...
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    LMIA to Open work Permit

    Hi, I am currently on LMIA came in Jan 2020. Due to COVID I could loose my job in coming days. Can I apply for an open work permit now? I already have a valid LMIA though, as I still have the job. NOC code category jobs 0. Thanks
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    LMIA closed work Permit - valid for Employment Insurance?

    Hi, I am on a closed LMIA work permit. EI deductions are done in my salary. If I am let go, can I apply for EI benefit? Thanks.
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    lmia linked spouse open work permit valid?

    Hi, I am on closed LMIA and wife's open work permit linked. If I am laid off, is my spouse's open work permit still valid? Thanks
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    OINP Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker Stream

    Hi, My findings for OINP Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker Stream are - We can apply for this in comparison to the priority stream where OINP searches the EE pool? Is this correct? - No need of IELTS for skill code 0 and noc code 0601 - Its a paper based process after OINP for PR? What are...
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    Need Guidance - Ontario relevant program & Process

    I am on LMIA in Canada. Started a job two months back with employer who arranged the complete LMIA visa process. Overall 12 years of experience outside Canada. My NOC job code is 0601 1 Which Ontario Provincial Nomination option can I apply for? - Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker Stream -...
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    Visitor Visa for Mom - browser issues website

    Hi, I am on LMIA here just moved in Januaray. I want to apply for my mom visitor visa. I tried creating her account with GC key but not able to reach the form link after siginng in to fill it. Its just going in loop. Where should I find the form to file the for my mom's visa? Thanks
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    NOC Code - 00 change after successful LMIA

    Hi, I have a work experience of 4 years as a Senior Product Manager. I am already in Canada with Global Stream A LMIA work visa and a job offer from a Canadian gaming company. My NOC code with which LMIA was applied was 0601 which is for product managers but I have a responsibilities and on...
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    NOC code - Senior Product manager

    Hi, What will be the noc code for Senior Product Manager in gaming with 12+ years of experience? Can we update and get it changed after coming to Canada with job offer? Thanks, Vijay
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    PR queries from LMIA Global Talent Stream Candidate

    Hi, I just moved to Canada in January 2020 with 2 week processing under Global Talent Stream A with LMIA and permanent position job in Toronto with family. I want to apply for PR now and my points with assumptions of IELTS marks are just 410. Will be a great help if you can please help with...