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    Need help in WES new process

    Hi All , Kindly help me with new details to submit the transcripts to WES. Want to know if anyone applied from university of madras. Chennai. recently and the procudure to send the document directly from university.? NOTE: I do have transcripts handy. however WES no longer accepts documents...
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    August 2017 work permit status update

    Hi all, Can anyone share there work permit status submitted during AUGUST MID 2017 month? My status : I submitted on AUG 14th to VFS NEW DELHI it is still showing ......." is being processed at the Canada Visa Office, NEW DELHI" It's has been crossed 4weeks now , Most of my co-workers got...
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    Global Skills Strategy ICT

    There appears to be a Global Skills Strategy ( which was introduced starting from June 12, 2017. This stream provides two week processing for work permit applications. I submitted my application about Aug 14th 2017 from india...
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    Does anybody knows NOC 2174

    Hi All what is the current demand for NOC 2174 for year 2017. For intra-company-tranfer and LMIA exempt . If i submit the document by July 10th will it get approved ?
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    Work permit visa got refused by cic

    MY :-[ on May 2016 with below reason. you have not demonstrated that you meet requirements of R205(a) If i re apply now may 2017 will i get it approved and what changes i have to do . NOTE: i have been working in canada in work permit during 2014 to 2015 fist time it got approved the...