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  1. Mexontario

    Windsor Citizenship applicants

    Can you give us a date of test completion to go on the excel?
  2. Mexontario

    May 2020 - Citizenship Application

    When did you take the test and when did you see decision made status? (all fields except ceremony set to completed)
  3. Mexontario

    Windsor Citizenship applicants

    Great!! glad to hear!!! When did you finish your test? Did you receive any request for passport pages or an interview before DM?
  4. Mexontario

    March 2021 - Citizenship applications

    Only Passports are considered travel documents for foreign nationals unless you are a US citizen, in which you should also submit NEXUS/Global Entry card if you have any. For US citizens, nexus/global entry cards can be used in lieu of passport and so they are treated as stand alone travel...
  5. Mexontario

    Windsor Citizenship applicants

    Glad to hear! Still no update here yet!! Hopefully everyone gets it soon.
  6. Mexontario

    July 2020 - Citizenship application

    Climate change dude! Canada is the only country tackling it currently and they need to divert IRCC resources for that;)
  7. Mexontario

    September 2020 - Citizenship Applicants

    Did you ever find out what the update was about?
  8. Mexontario

    September 2020 - Citizenship Applicants

    Dont worry, I'm in the same boat as you...similar timeline.
  9. Mexontario

    Has anybody received GCMS notes from CBSA?

    Yes, I did and it was only like 4 pages describing the summary and communication history. It took around 30 days back in August. Any attempts by MP office for statuses, any communication via webforms are shown in the history. Nothing new, IRCC provided a much detailed version I felt.
  10. Mexontario

    Ghost update??

    Good to know. Does ECAS offer any clues as to what the update might be?
  11. Mexontario

    April 2020 - Citizenship Applicants

    No...Windsor, None of the 2020 applicants (excluding those dont need test and urgent processing) had their oath yet! Not one!!!!!!!
  12. Mexontario

    September 2020 - Citizenship Applicants

    Nope. This is all you need!
  13. Mexontario

    January 2020 - citizenship application

    You will get an email. If not, try logging into the test website directly and mail yourself a link where you can take the exam. Do through the instructions before taking the actual test. You should have a link to the test in the tracker update itself.
  14. Mexontario

    September 2020 - Citizenship Applicants

    You can submit your PCC request from FBI using the link below. Create an account and complete 18$ payment, Go to any fingerprinting service and have them take your fingerprints on the FBI card. Mail the fingerprint card along...
  15. Mexontario

    February 2021 - Citizenship applications

    With online application, I guess the processing office appears different. I have seen someone from Windsor receiving test invitation from Niagara falls office.
  16. Mexontario

    January 2021 - Citizenship Applicants

    FP request and test invite are separate events. BG checks are updated usually within a month or so after submitting fingerprints. Until then it says waiting on you. I received test invite and FP request on the same day, nothing new! FP request is only for background verification. Rest of the 3...
  17. Mexontario

    Windsor Citizenship applicants

    Nothing yet!
  18. Mexontario

    Windsor Citizenship applicants

    Wow! Congrats!!! Did you had to submit any passport pages request or do any interview?
  19. Mexontario

    Citizenship test: Collective action required, or expect endless delays, years. Example of the effective lobbyng of people awaiting spousal sponsorship

    Just FYI, Opposing Trudeau doesnt make anyone a right winger! Dont always carry only 2 shades of brushes.
  20. Mexontario

    Citizenship test: Collective action required, or expect endless delays, years. Example of the effective lobbyng of people awaiting spousal sponsorship

    Thanks JT for wasting 610M$ for nothing! This money could have been spent on improving IRCC services or cud have been spent on anything else other than this election!