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    Question about having Student Permit and Closed Work Permit at the same time.

    Hi 1. If your friend gets an approved closed work permit, it will limit them to only working for that company, It will have a statement to that effect on it. 2. It will "trump" his/her study permit, in that it should have the statement no study. So s/he will have to make a decision...
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    Wrong Height on eCoPR and PR Card

    Hi 1. Don't bother, as far as I know, no one has been measured as to their height when presenting a PR card.
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    Can I stay in Canada when my visa expires but the work permit is still valid?

    Hi 1. No, not a visitor visa (TRV) but an extension as a visitor (visitor record)
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    HELP : Which documents are to be notarized for Visitor's Visa Application

    Hi 1. Read the instructions and you should find that none of the documents need to be notarized.
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    SIN number

    Hi 1. Bank.
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    If work permit expires should I apply for visitor visa if I have eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)

    Hi 1. You have to apply for an extension as a visitor (no work). An ETA or TRV is just for entering the Canada, work/student/visitor authorizations are to remain in the country. 2. You will have implied status until a decision is made.
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    Fastest way to process Citizenship application for new born child in India

    Hi 1. He requested the "fastest way" to get his child to Canada. Proof of citizenship is listed as 15 months processing.
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    Criteria for open work permit extension

    Hi 1, Her employer would have to obtain an approved LMIA (advertise and pay $1000) about 3 to 4 months for approval.before she could apply for a new work permit. So she isn't going to get a new work permit in time, she will have to stop work, and apply to remain as a visitor if she wishes...
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    Fastest way to process Citizenship application for new born child in India

    Hi 1. The child can't travel on an Indian passport, as a Canadian citizen, CIC won't issue a tourist visa. 2. You can apply for proof of citizenship and limited validity Canadian passport. No idea how long it will take these days. 3. The last option is to apply for a facilitation visa on...
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    Anyone tried Flagpoling/Flagpole after 7 September(Requesting PGWP etc at US land border)?

    Hi 1. I suggest you contact CBSA first, that notice is from Date modified: 2020-10-02
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    Family vs Single

    Hi 1, Have your wife apply with the kids, makes 2 less applications. 2. No. 3. See #1
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    Migration with a disable child

    Hi 1. I am assuming that you have not applied for your study permit, since you and your daughter will have to pass the medical. So you should be prepared that your daughter may not pass the medical.
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    Work permit renewal

    Hi 1. Note you need a new LMIA 2. Processing time with approved LMIA is 87 days 3. Different processes. If you applied to extend your work or study permit online If we approve your application, we send you a message in your online account and mail you your new work or study permit. You...
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    Travelling with different PR card last name (maiden) than passport (married)

    Hi 1, Should be sufficient. But you could always check with the airline as to what they want.
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    Eligibility Condition "You must currently have a valid work permit that expires in 4 months or less" for BOWP is removed?

    Hi 1. Well I found it. You've applied for permanent residence under Express Entry You may be eligible for an open work permit if: you’re already working in Canada, your work permit is due to expire within four months, and you’ve applied for permanent residence under one of the following...
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    Hi, I've just applied for PGWP and I'm trying to apply for spouse's work permit

    Hi 1. Your spouse is not eligible for an SOWP until you have a job in NOC O, or A, or B. If your spouse has an open work permit (e.g. post-graduation work permit), you must attach a copy of your spouse’s work permit to your application for an open work permit, along with: a letter from...
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    Permanent residence card address change

    Hi 1. As he is a permanent resident, CIC doesn't care where s/he lives. He doesn't inform CIC where he resides.
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    Appreciate your comment understanding the meaning regarding the requirement

    Hi 1. When all else fails, read the instructions. 2. From CIC "You don’t need to give us police certificates for any period of time before you were 18 years old or for time spent in Canada. "