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    How long does landing process take at airport?

    ok great, I think I'll plan for a 2 hour connection time. That should be reasonable. thanks!
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    How long does landing process take at airport?

    My wife got her visa and I booked her ticket with air canada coming from Jordan - Londong - Calgary then air canada cancelled our connect flight through london and the only alternative is Jordan - London - Edmonton - Calgary which means the "landing" has to be done in Edmonton. I am tryin to...
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    question about e-cas please need answer

    they will either call or email. sometimes they dont even write "passport requested" in ecas. Mine went from "In progress" to decision made (after i got my passport)
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    QUESTION TO PMM OR LEON regarding transfer of funds over 10k

    um... nah dont declare it. I'll send you my account number via email and you can transfer as much as you want into it :D:D I'll give it back.... i promise.... :P
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    What is checked first in application

    background checks/medicals are at the end of the process, from what I understand. Thats how it was in my case.
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    proof of legitimacy of your marriage to sponsor

    I dont think that is such a good idea. if you want less hasstle you can start a Word Document, copy/paste pictures in it. You can put about 8-10 pictures per page, then print them on a color printer.
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    nightmare application has been 'misplaced' by the post office

    do you not have a tracking number? have you checked with your tracking number online to see if it was dropped off to cic or not?
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    when i get my file number

    yes, for log-in purpose, they are all the same the receipt/client ID is supposed to be for the SPONSOR to log in with his info the Immigration file number is for the SPONSORED person to log in but for questions/follow ups about the case, you would need the immigration file number.
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    DONE! with MINIMUM proof (details inside)

    Thanks marlena, glad to hear you got to see your hubby yuppie lol I used to hate damascus, but after their speedy process (while I had sooo many doubts) I now like them, they just really suck at replying to questions/emails/etc, but i can imagine they get many emails a day
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    married but never lived together (Nikah only)

    amatullah, dont worry about it, you are legally in pakistan and in canada. you're marriage is recognized in both countries. I did similar thing (katb ktab), which i believe is the same as pakistani nikah, which is basically write up the contract etc. I didn't have a wedding or a party or a...
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    Finally Done! :)

    best of luck with the rest of your life with your loved one!
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    Can you go to USA a week after you Land?

    Thanks Rasha for the Info, I will call around and see what can be done. basically, I will be goin to Jordan 3 weeks after she comes, visit people, do a full wedding, and bring her here right away, then I wanted to go to florida for honeymoon. My vacation is gonna be 6 weeks total and would...
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    Can you go to USA a week after you Land?

    My wife got her PR visa last week, and we were planning on going on honeymoon in florida a few days after she lands here. I'm unclear on a few things 1. Does she need a Visa to the states, or since she's a per. rez she wouldn't just like I wouldnt since I am canadian citizen? 2. If she does...
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    when i get my file number

    usually if your file was sent October 8 then it will get to damascus by october 15, and they will start processing within a few days and send you a letter with your file number. I would say you will get a letter by end of october. you can call CIC CANADA here and if damascus started your...
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    Do I have enough?

    happymel, are you doing spouse sponsorship or common law? can you get married? just submit all that you have and explain your case in DETAILS and sit back and wait, thats about all you can do, but dont stress just cuz KEKE had hard times. every case is different, ever office is diff, every IO...
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    Have you noticed a Trend?

    you knowing what day wont make a difference. If you knew it was on wednesdays, would that mean you wont check your ecas any other day? damn rights you will lol, you'll still be checking everyday the minute you wake up haha i understand your pain, anyone on this forum would :) good luck! you're...
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    Have you noticed a Trend?

    not sure about delhi, but when i gave damascus my passport, i saw decision made after 3 days.
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    what does it mean when they say "family members" on the forms?

    during this whole process, your 'family' is your husband/wife and kids. brother/sister/mother/father/cousins etc are not faimly in this case.